What is Zeendo?

Find out all its features and widgets


Multilingual platform

Zeendo is ready to work in several languages: English, French, Spanish, etc, both the editor and the User panel. Help material is also available in these languages.

Responsive preview

With this tool you will see how the site will be displayed on all devices: Pc, tablet and smartphones before publishing it.

Save and Publish

Update the content of your website whenever you want. Have the control of your website without intermediaries and publish it when it is ready to be online.

SEO Optimization

Zeendo includes all known best practices for SEO strategy to get the top positions in major search engines. Enter the keywords, the title and the description of every section on your site.


Zeendo has its own module of statistics to analyze several metrics: the visits to your website, the average duration, the origin or the bounce rate.You can also insert Google Analytics code to your website.

Several types of pages

Add as many sections to your website as you want: Products, Team, Contact, Gallery, Ecommerce, Basic, etc. and boost your brand with the best web presence.

Cloning of pages

This option allows you to clone content pages and work with them to create new sections of your web. The easiest way to create your website quickly.

Colors and palettes customization

Large selection of color palettes to customize the appearance of the template and get a unique design for your website.

Personalize Google Fonts fonts

Zeendo includes a variety of Google’s fonts libraries that you can use without the need for additional plugins.

Show/hide option for mobile version

You can hide elements of your website that you don’t want to be shown on the mobile version. Improve your site’s loading time on mobile devices.

Draft pages

Edit your web content at your own pace using the draft pages thus nobody won't see the progress of your website until it is finished.


This option allows you to revert the latest changes and double the last action made on your website, make easier working with the editor.

Background customization

Choose the color of the background of the worktable and find the most comfortable way to work with the editor to create your website.

Change the template

The editor allows you to change the template as many times you want to. Choose between a huge selection of responsive websites.


Wysiwyg text editing

You can enter text into your web with squares, quotes or text boxes and edit them easily by changing the font, color, size.


Create your own forms with the fields you need and collect visitor information through your user panel.



Headers and titles

Highlight the relevant information in your web using headers and titles with different sizes, fonts and effects.

Interactive maps

Enter your address and insert an interactive map so the visitors of your website can reach you easily.


Insert videos of the main video-sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. directly or by pasting the embedded code.


Insert and organize your images easily. You can upload images from your computer, resize and adapt them according to the width of your website.

Galleries and carousel of images

Make your website more visually appealing by adding multiple image galleries and setting its mode of presentation.


Choose from more than 500 icons classify by categories and get the best visual result for your website.


Improved the interactivity of your website by creating links to other sections. You can also upload documents to be downloaded by your users.

HTML insertion

Customize the web with your own code. Copy your HTML code wherever you prefer in your website.

Quotes and Boxes

Different ways to insert text in your web and highlight phrases or messages achieving greater impact.

Rules and spacers

Create separations between structures and other elements and organize the space and content of your website.

Different structures

Zeendo allows complete customization of the templates by adding different types of structures to organize your content.


Customize your store

Create your shop with fully customizable templates designed to help you sell more and offer an optimal user experience for your buyers.

Inventory management

Monitor the inventory of your products easily from your user panel. We will email you when the stock level of a product is low.

Easy management of payment systems

Offer various forms of payment to your customers: PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery or bank transfer.

Shipping options and fees

Set the shipping price of your products according to different parameters:quantity, weight, etc. Apply commercial taxes per regions and countries.

Manage your orders easily

Receive orders from your customers and manage the products shipments in a simple way through your user panel.

Add unlimited products and categories

You can enter an unlimited number of products and organize them into different categories. Add Photos, descriptions and details of your products.