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3 Tips To Boost Your Brand Online With Social Media

      Approximately 80 percent of brand management on social media is handled internally by the respective company, social media statistics firm Social Bakers found in a 2013 survey. Researchers pointed out that most business advertising efforts are handled by third-party agencies. But companies are using social media as their 24/7 communications channels to engage current customers and potential leads.

      Google is constantly changing its search algorithms, making improving organic search results for smaller firms a tricky task to accomplish. Social media can act as an SEO equalizers for your brand if you take advantage of the technology. The following three tips will help you harness all that potential power:

      boost your brand with social media

      Consistent Channels

      Social media creates search results for your company name and builds trust with consumers. Part of that trust comes from a consistent experience for customers whether they visit your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ page.

      Several studies have concluded that logos and their colors influence how consumers view brands. A study in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education found, among other things, that blue logos and backgrounds triggered confident feelings in consumers, while green logos invoked tough, masculine, and friendly feelings. The DriveTime Facebook page, for instance, features the company’s signature green logo which also graces its home web pages and Twitter pages.

      Whether or not DriveTime’s conscious marketing strategy is to invoke the aforementioned friendly, masculine feelings in customers is debatable, but the company is consistent across all platforms, which establishes credibility. If nothing else, make certain the background colors and patterns are the same across all your social media channels.

      Google+ Engagement puts the number of active users of Google+ at 343 million as of June 2014, placing it third in global popularity behind Facebook and QZone. Despite this position, Google+ is the most important social media channel for businesses because of its ties to the search engine with the same name.

      While your Facebook posts garner “likes” and “shares,” and Twitter posts get retweeted, your Google+ posts actually index in the search engine. So if your company website does not have the juice to index in Google by itself, sharing blog posts on Google+ will create a high-ranking search result for the key words you use in the title. Its a great way to circumvent Page Rank and other measurements that determine what results displays before others during keyword searches.

      Google+ is also an integral part of local marketing for brick-and-mortar-based companies. A 2013 study by Digital Marketing Works found that Google reviews of a company determined how high they would display in local search results. Thus you need Google+ to respond to any potential negative reviews left about your company that will hurt regional and community credibility.

      Content Is Still King

      David Sable of marketing and communications firm Young & Rubicam Global told Bloomberg in June that large companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Dreamworks are administering courses on storytelling because content remains king in SEO. Author Julien Smith echoed those sentiments to the Huffington Post when he said good, sharable content is key to building a loyal following.

      The timing of blog posts and social media updates is crucial to keeping an audience engaged. But the content has to provide readers with new information or a great story that makes them want to share it with others, further disseminating your brand. There are several platforms to find freelance SEO writers who know how to utilize key words within a captivating story that incorporates your brand in some way. Some of the content can be written internally, but publishing a professional piece by a trained writer once or twice a week will help your website stand out among the competition.

      A brand is only a concept if nobody recognizes it by the logo, slogan, and/or company culture. Social media are the most efficient ways to put your brand in front of thousands of people at once.

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