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5 reasons why your website is losing visitors

      Currently companies and self-employed workers decide to build a website to get known and make their way in an unknown market. Their main aim is to increase the number of visits so that users can turn into potential clients.

      However, in spite of their efforts and the use of several tools to control their web traffic, the truth is that the number of visits decreases day after day. Why is this happening? Many times, the answer is as basic as one of these:


      content writing strategy

         1. Content goes first

      It is possible that it’s been long time since you haven’t published fresh and useful information on your website or that the in the content in it is outdated. If you don’t offer attractive contents, users won’t want to visit again your website since they will get the feeling that they always find the same or that they already know what they will find in it.

      On the other hand, the content has to be schematically arranged and grouped into categories, so that users can find what they need easily. Adding a navigation map is an optimal solution. In addition, try to include any necessary information on the home for an intuitive navigation.



      Attractive design


       2. An eye-catching design  is the key

      Choose an attractive design in accordance with your business. If you built your website a long time ago, it is possible that the design chosen is old-fashioned and you have to change it for another aesthetic. For a better usability and user experience, choose an acceptable type and size font, as well as a good combination of colours for the background.


      web Loading speed


         3. Nobody likes waiting

      Users will leave your website if they have to wait more than 3 seconds until it is loaded, and they will likely turn to your competition. To prevent this from happening, try to add the necessary advertisements in your website, and avoid the use of pop ups, banners and flash content.



      Responsive Web Design



      4. Responsive design is a must

      It is a reality that tablets and smartphones are the most used devices to search on the Internet. If users access a website which is not optimized for them, they will leave it due to the poor user experience.



      Seo Positioning


      5. Be the first on the finish line

      If you want users to click directly on your website when they look for a service or a product that you offer, you must have a good SEO positioning to appear in the top search results. To do so, try to choose strategic keywords, write original content which isn’t duplicate content and verify that the links to your website are not broken.



      We hope this article help you to increase your web traffic and attract new clients!

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      Nerea García

      SEO Translation, social media strategist and web content writer-editor. "Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence" – George Steiner.

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