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5 tips for choosing the right domain name

      Are you thinking about creating your website but you don’t know what domain to use? Take your time to decide correctly since it configures your most visible face on the Internet and there are too many options that must be taken into account: maybe the name you want is already taken or maybe it is not the most suitable one for our business or personal project.

      From Zeendo, we would like to offer you 5 pieces of advice that will help you to choose:


      1. Clarity and conciseness

      Easy domain

      Think about yourself as an end user. Will you remember a very long domain with strange characters? Probably not.
      This is why you have to choose an easy-to-write domain:

      • Avoid using domains with less than 20 characters or it will look like a spam message.
      • Avoid underscores and dashes that could be misleading.
      • Avoid capitals to not mislead people.
      • Avoid using several consonants or double letters together (it could sound strange to people from other countries).
      • Avoid acronyms and abbreviations, some people may not understand their meaning.


      brand domain2. Brand projection

      Including the name of your company in the domain is the easiest way for users to look for it. Normally your brand has an original and unique name to differentiate from your competitors. In addition, you can take advantage from this and appear in the first positions of searching engines if you include relevant keywords in your domain name.

      On the other hand, if you want to project your personal brand, the best option is to include your name and surname as part of the domain. This way, people can find you easily . In case you have a very common name, it is advisable to choose a domain extension like .com, .net or .org avoiding the special characters mentioned above.



      legal domain

      3. Legality

      When choosing your domain name, there are a couple of important legal issues that must be taken into account. Firstly, you have to be sure that your domain name is exclusive in order to avoid competitors or other companies from suing you for copying their name.
      Secondly, you have to be also sure that your domain is legally protected in order to avoid third parties from using it unlawfully.




      market strategy domain

      4. Market strategy

      Take into account your target clients. Do you want to be globally present or focus on your local market? Depending on these parameters, you will have to choose between different web extensions.
      .com and .net are the most popular extensions and the ones that will allow you to be well positioned globally. However, you can also use the generic extension of your country (.uk, .fr, .es, .it…), with which your website will be well positioned in your country but not abroad. In this case, it is preferable if the domain is hosted in the same country as your website and company.



      brand protection domain

      5. Brand protection

      Buy different extensions (.com, .net, .es, .fr…) for the same domain name to guarantee the exclusivity of your brand and prevent your competitors from choosing the same name as yours or registering similar versions. In addition, you should buy the feminine/masculine – plural/singular versions of your domain name, and the ones with typos, so that users get redirected to your website even if they type the name wrongly.



      We hope these suggestions help you to make a good decision and make the most out of your website with a perfect domain.

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