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5G Technology


      The gigantic South-Korean manufacturer, Samsung, caused a big flutter in May 2013 when it announced the wireless super-fast 5G technology. 5G technology was tested on the streets of New York. The system is impressive, but it’s still in a development stage as all the technologies that underlie the future generation of wireless communications.

      5G technology

      When 5G arrives, it’s possible that it’ll combine wireless protocols with new network designs, spectrum sharing schemes and smaller transmitters. Samsung says that its new transceiver can send and receive data at a more than 1 GB per second speed in more than 2 km and it will be able to replace dozens of GB per second in shorter distances.

      This must be compared with approximately 75 Mb per second of the last standard known as 4G LTE. Samsung technology bases on 28 GHz frequency, which can transport more data, but can be blocked by buildings, people, trees and rain.

      5G technology was tested in the real world. Last summer, an academic laboratory, NYU Wireless, which forms part from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, carried out performance tests for Samsung in the New York and Austin and found out that this technology, also known as millimeter wave cellular, could work properly event at 200 meters from the transmitter and even in a charged environment.


      “Many people have the same reaction and ask themselves how can this work, but we proved that it can be done. Our actions contributed that Samsung and the rest of the wireless technology industry could rely on the viability of the wireless technology based on 28GHz.” says the director of NYU Wireless, Theodore Rappoport.

      It’s true that till now the industry implemented the most basic functions of 4G LTE. The use of more sophisticated characteristics will allow improvements in the data rate. One of them is “aggregate operators” or the ability of using multiple frequencies at the same time in order to send a signal. Another is the use of multiple antennas, similar to the Samsung technology ones. Finally, there can be used several tricks of signal processing in order to efficiently increase the bandwidth in an intelligent way, coordinating the base stations efforts and the network devices in order to avoid interferences.

      5G technology advantages

      The most obvious and important 5G technology advantage is the incredible speed. It was tested in South Korea where the data downloading speed was so fast, that users could download a movie in merely 1 second. How is that for fast?

      The-Flash-5g technology

      The South-Korean company said that the data transmission was more than 1 GB per second at the distance of 2 km. We have to wait for more years for this outstanding technology but it’s definitely going to upswing the market. This technique won’t be released until 2020 and its transmission technology will be 100 times faster than 4G technique. 5G technology will provide facility to download burdensome files and high quality digital movies without any boundaries.

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