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Advergaming: advertising on videogames

      We can define advergaming as a marketing technique, which consist on inserting publicity in videogames to catch people’s attention and make them remember unconsciously a brand.

      It was used for the first time by James Vicary in 1957, who introduced the phrases “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” in a frame of a movie and it made both brands to increase their sales 57,8% and 18,1% respectively. Quite a lot!

      In the game, people can find directly or subliminally a few comments, panels or messages from a specific brand. After the appearance, user’s minds keep a memory of what they have seen and this makes them to be more proactive to purchase that specific brand.

      Years ago companies were just worried about appearing on banners, commercials or supporting concerts or sports events but now this marketing conception has changed.

      Now brands are worried about user experience, because it provides longer memories than traditional advertising.

      Therefore, advergaming is, itself, a strategy of ” experiential marketing,” the more engagement you achieve with your user the more they will remember your brand. So when they have to think on your product’s category, your name will be the first one appearing on client’s mind.

      How can you create “experiential marketing”? Easy, we recommend you to use NFC.

      The NFC (Near Field Communication) emerged in the mid- 2000s and since then, lots of people consider it, not only as the development of the Internet of Things, but as a huge potential in the use of any marketing activities, and one of them is the marketing of recreational experiences.

      Samsung_NFC copia

      Advergaming advantages:

      Why has advergaming become such a boom inside marketing techniques?

      Maybe it is the immersive effect it has on videogame players. Instead of being exposed to a 30-second ad that is what happens while they are watching television, their attention is captured in a much more effective manner for several minutes which can be converted in hours.

      During a videogame, clients may be interacting with the product or watch it on a virtual surround.

      This interaction provides much better retention of the product, the message and the brand that a traditional TV commercial or an Internet banner.

      An additional bonus is that games are especially entertaining and challenging, and could be passed on to friends, creating a viral marketing that all companies wish for their products.

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