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Apps for discount shopping

      Apps for dicount shopping are applications that are intended to make us go to shops or businesses when we’re close by. Actually, they’ve become a sort of trend. Here are the best apps for discount shopping:


      This is another application for Android and Apple that gives you incentives to check yourself into a location and it has lots more locations available than Facebook does. What you do is check yourself into a location. This means that you’ll get a notification on your phone if the stores close-by have a discount to offer. You can download it for Android or for Apple.

      AAA Discounts

      Once they present their AAA card, members can then receive all kinds of discounts. Thanks to this application available both for Android and Apple, users can see the discounts they’re privy to depending on where they are. Also, you can see what AAA discounts you can get in any address or city you type in. You can download it for Android.


      Not only does Facebook let us connect to other people, it also allows us to connect with other businesses. You just have to log in and check in at the location where you are at the time. If you’re qualified to a deal you’ll be notified on your phone. You can choose from either the Individual, Friend, Loyalty or Charity deals. You can download it for Android or for Apple.


      This social coupon site gives you deals according to your location. The Android app for Groupon allows you to view groupons and to give you the closest groupon deals. The best feature this app has is that you can use one of your groupons. You can download it for Android or for Apple.

      YP Mobile Android App

      Not only does this application let you see deals and location-based business information, it also lets you see the weather and local-business held events. You just have to go to the deals screen and you’ll see all of the deals and discounts classified according to your proximity to them. You can download it for Android or for Apple.

      Seize the Deal

      This social coupon site is similar to Groupon in that it’s an application that detects where you are at the moment and offers you the best deal nearby, but it only offers one deal a day. You can download it for Android or for Apple.

      Best Deals
      best deals

      This app gives you everything from deals to websites, Facebook, Twitter, stores and fliers. It can take you to full sites that aren’t mobile friendly. You can download it for Android.

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