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Cloud Computing Concerns and Issues

Cloud Computing Technology There are some events that could be considered the main reasons that triggered the development of this technology (the rise of social networks and the requirement of data storage, the division of companies into regions and the need to have information, software, internal resources in every region, etc.), but they are not […]
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NFC for mobile devices

payment NFC
It is probable that you have never used a NCF chip to buy via contactless, since they are becoming to be included in the most and newest smartphones. However, we are sure you have heard of it. What NFC technology is? Near Field Communication is a wireless technology that operates in the 13.56 MHz band […]
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Gorilla Glass technology

GorillaGlass CORNING
Touchscreens are a great improvement in user experience for mobiles. However, they are delicate and some of them break very easily. Gorilla Glass is a material that prevents glass-incorporating devices from breaking too easily.
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Geolocation on mobile devices

Since social networks introduced location-based services, they've become very popular among users. When smartphones started to gain popularity, mobile users started to use geolocation intensively on social networks' mobile apps or websites.
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Google prioritizes optimized websites for mobile devices

internet from smartphones
Since smartphones started to gain popularity, browsing on mobile devices has become a trend. At the beginning, Google prioritized mobile optimized websites, but after the emergence of a better web design technique - responsive design - Google started to prioritize websites created with responsive design.
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Page speed on mobile browsing

load time mobile users
One of the more important aspects for users to consider a website to be good is its loading time. This factor depends on users’ internet speed, where users are (urban or rural area) and the gadget users use to access the Internet (desktop computers or mobile devices).
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Android Face Unlock efficiency

Biometrics has always been an attractive aspect and in its 4.0 version Android included facial recognition. It wasn't quite efficient, so the Android team worked on this aspect and made some improvements, but this function never got to be popular among Android users.
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Christmas shopping on mobile without lines

mobile santa claus
Consumers' habits have changed and many are planning on buying Christmas gifts on their mobile devices. Is your website ready to offer your audience a good mobile experience? If not, hurry up and optimize your desktop website for mobile devices.
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Smartphones usage in China

The Chinese market is a quite important part of the worldwide smartphone market. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that most smartphones sold in China are manufactured by native brands, so if foreign brands want to compete with native brands they need to lower the prices.
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