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BBM for Android and iPhone


      BlackBerry Messenger, is an instant messaging application that allows BlackBerry users to send messages to each other over the internet or Wi-Fi connection.


      Aside from text messages, it allows users to share voice recordings, pictures, videos, files and location on a map. It has been said to be one of the most reliable communication systems, trusted by professionals such as police officers or worldwide to share documents.

      Although there has been news in the past that reported an allegedly version of BBM for Android and iPhone devices, these have been proven to be just rumours, at least for the moment, since no difinite anouncement has been made to date.

      Controversy about BBM for Android and iPhone

      TechnoBuffalo recently stirred controversy again showing images of BBM for Android, which was supposed to be launched later this year. However, the Wall Street Journal and Android Community has just released news that RIM’s CEO has said that developing BBM for other devices is off the table.

      This has been seen as yet further proof that BlackBerry is growingly isolating itself from other mobile operating systems, as has already been proven by its decreased from 44% to 6.4% of smartphone share over the past 5 years.

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