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Best Android Phones

best android phones

      Android phones are gaining more and more popularity among users every day. But what does attract the users? Android Operating System allows you to download free applications, it can run more than one application at a time, which means you can check Facebook while listening to a song, phone options are diverse, meaning you don’t limit yourself to one brand, but can choose from wide variety (unlike iOS users that are limited to iPhones and other Apple products).

      According to Cnet and AndroidCentral, the following phones are considered to be the best Android phones:

      HTC One. This phone has got a lot of things to be liked. Its surface is almost entirely made out of aluminum, which makes it look more sophisticated than a plastic phone. There are still left a few details to be solved with the Sense user interface, Sense is the finest version yet, and it doesn’t have the problems with lag that Samsung Galaxy S4 has. This phone’s camera also has novelties: although its small contrast troubles, the introduction of Zoes is what makes this camera different.


      Samsung Galaxy S4. Its plastic body may still be an unattractive feature for a lot of users, and it’s most certainly not as stylish as HTC One. Visually it awfully reminds of Samsung Galaxy S3. The TouchWiz user interface “suffered” an improvement, but it still remains flat in some places. S4’s camera though maintains its King status. It’s got a lot of features and using the camera is a pleasure, taking into account its adaptation from the high-end Samsung Galaxy Camera.


      LG Optimus G Pro. This phone is as popular as Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but without the pen. It comes with a higher-resolution display than Note one’s and it’s got a narrower body. Its interface still needs improvement. Its main issue is availability. In the USA it’s only available on AT&T, and it is also limited in the rest of the world.


      Next Android phones

      It is rumored that the next best thing Google will release will be its new OS, Android 5.0. The only thing that it’s known is that Google is working on its K release of Android – Key Lime Pie.

      Despite Samsung Galaxy S4′ popularity, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is thought to be the next most popular Android phone. There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a version that is much more powerful than the 600 at heart of HTC One Galaxy S4.

      In 2012 there were rumors that a Motorola X might appear. Many call it a nerd phone. It’s got excellent hardware and nice radio performance, but the software has still got issues. Motorola X is likely to run a stock version of Android, but it’s unlikely it being a pure Nexus version.

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