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Best Mobile Wesites – Websites Adapted for Mobile Devices

sevnthsin mobile website

    As smartphone sales grow and the number of people who embrace mobile networking increases, the need of having a mobile version of your website does the same. One great way to do it is using a professional mobile phone website template.

    If you decide to make a version of your website only for mobile devices there are several aspects of the design you have to take into account to ensure a good user experience, and convey a professional image of your business.

    Many mobile websites have a similar look with those blue iphone-like buttons, a photo, a logotype and not much else. Luckily, other businesses manage to adapt their image gracefully in the mobile version of their sites.

    Let’s take a look at a selection of the best websites adapted for mobile devices you can find around the Internet and analyse what makes their designs great.

    10 great websites adapted for mobile

    This site makes great use of typography size and colors, combined with a few but beautiful photographs, a simple navigation and a clean style. It manages to transport all the content of its desktop version to mobile devices without overwhelm the viewer.
    infiniti mobile website

    In this case, both desktop and mobile versions of the site are so similar, you could think it is only a website with a flexible layout, but in fact this is an adapted website. The menu is reduced to its essential elements and the most relevant contents are situated on the top of the page. You have an option to see all the contents as a vertical menu, too.
    reebok mobile website

    Snowwhite and the huntsman
    Nice website, it manages to keep the feel of the desktop version through the use of images and animations with CSS3 and JavaScript.
    snowwhite mobile website

    Simple as it can be, Etnies’ mobile website probes that you don’t have to be afraid of white space, even in small screens. Sleek design with simple typography and little colors to make stand out the few pictures it has.
    etnies mobile website

    Hastings Racecourse
    Cleaner and clutter free, this is one of the few cases we can find where the mobile version has a better design than the desktop one.
    hastings racecourse mobile website

    Sephora’s website is heavy on content, and therefore hard to adapt for mobile devices. They managed to do it by cutting the content on the main page to a featured image and a beautiful menu based on a grid of squares.
    sephora mobile website

    Nespresso Naroa
    The desktop version of the Nespresso Naroa site is packed with flash animations and fullscreen videos. The mobile version manages to adapt the experience for mobile devices fantastically, using Javascrip, keeping the look and feel of the original site.
    nespresso naroa mobile website

    Mini USA
    Simple, just like the car, Mini USA’s mobile website uses a clean vertical navigation and few images.
    mini usa mobile website

    A perfect example of an adapted design, Threadless’ mobile website keeps the distinctive elements of its desktop counterpart, but getting rid of all the clutter.
    threadless mobile website

    With navigation style based on big icons, this website takes advantage of the touchscreen, one of the unique characteristics of many mobile devices. Nice colors and fonts, and a clean and modern interface do the rest.
    sevnthsin mobile website

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