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Best social media networks to boost online sales

      Time ago Chinese retailers started to integrate their ecommerce platforms with social media platforms. All started 5 years ago with Tencent and Alibaba, but the reason why social commerce begun in China is because contrarily to US citizens, they are influential content creators instead of content consumers, in the Asian country there is not a generational gap between purchasing power and social media usage.

      But tendency in the United States has started to change and now social commerce is becoming popular, thanks also to the initiative of giants like Twitter, American Express or Facebook.

      This year also Amazon, the global leader on online selling allows on its Twitter account to retweet a product they like and then Amazon put it on your shopping cart so when you enter on your account at the retailer’s website and buy it. Do you want to advertise your brand on this channel too? Time to try Twitter Ads then.

      american express twitter

      Another optimal platform to boost online sales during Christmas is Facebook. On Black Friday it was the social network that drive more sales to businesses. If you want to increase your revenue using this channel we recommend you to prepare a Budget to spend on promoted posts, since it is well known fans seeing posts shared by retailers have dramatically decrease on the recent past.  A capital factor to earn more likes and achieve more fans on your page is also the content you share with your fans.

      facebook at christmas

      Linkedin is the right option for you if you practise B2B on your company. But the truth is that is a difficult channel to promote your sales. However we recommend you to join some groups of your business related topics and then interact, it will generate more engagement. After you catch your target’s attention it is easier to redirect them to your website where you can promote your sales.

      linkedin stats

      We have mentioned in this blog Pinterest many times because its importance is growing since 3400 people are pining per minute. This means the more they are exposed to Pinterest boards the easier for them is to convert. Attract people’s attention creating interesting and inspiring boards and mix your products with some other content related to your products like hobbies, uses and so on.

      inspiration board for business

      To conclude we can’t forget Youtube, the King of video platforms. According to a recent study made by AOL that tracked 500 million clicks and 15 millions conversions, Youtube is the first platform if we consider conversions that came from paid advertising on social media platforms.

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