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Black Friday at Onbile Group, best web deals

      These are happy times for both customers and retailers, since the Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. It is a special day because purchases are expected to suffer a substantial growth, especially those related to technological devices. According to a recent survey from Accenture, 45% of customers are planning to shop on Thanksgiving Day or evening rose, unlike the 38% of customers in 2013. Although, there are still people who prefer to go to the brick and mortar shop to buy the products, it is expected that the majority of clients will buy through an online shop. Almost 68% of customers are planning to participate in “showrooming” (going to the store to see the product and then searching it online to compare process); and 71% of clients are planning to participate in “webrooming” (browsing online for a product and then purchase it in the store).

      So what are you waiting for to create an ecommerce for your business? If you have already one, do you know how to attract clients? Discover how having a responsive website or an e-commerce adapted to mobile devices will help you to increase the level of sales on that great day.

      Advantages of a responsive website design

      online shopping onbile

      According to the US Holiday Shopping Survey 2014, it is expected that 63% of US customers will use a computer to make purchases in that day. So a way to attract people to your website is boosting aspects like reliability and easy navigations, since  a survey among population revealed that 57% of users have problems to access a website and that 80% would access more frequently it if transactions were more reliable and the loading speed more quickly. Related to this, 60% percent of online shoppers failed to complete an online transaction because the difficulty at the point of checkout.

      In addition, not having a responsive website may provoke that you lose potential customers, even before visiting your homepage.

      Advantages of having a mobile e-commerce

      According to the US Holiday Shopping Survey 2014, it is expected that 76% of US clients will use mobile services to know all the promotions and offers in real time.  So, adapting your ecommerce for smartphones will help you to increase your benefits quickly and easily. But, why is it important?


      zeendo black friday

      More and more people are prone to using their smartphones when consulting a specific product, that’s why the mobile ecommerce is expected to grow by $119 billion in 2015.

      Another advantage is that searcher engines like Yahoo or Google give priority to those pages optimized for mobiles or responsive design. This refers to the fact that people don’t want to zoom in different sections of the screen to visualize correctly the content. So, if you want your page to be the first on the list when people look for a product, adapting your e-commerce is the solution. In addition, if you facilitate the navigation to customers, they will access once again your website. According to a recent Google survey, 96% of mobiles users have visited websites not adapted to their smartphones and 72% has said that it is important websites are mobile-friendly. They also think that if the website is not adapted to the mobile device, the company does not care about their clients, and they look for another mobile website which live up their expectations.

       Black Friday sale

      Are you already convinced of the importance of having a responsive design for both desktop computer and mobiles devices? If so, now is the moment to create yours! And Zeendo and Onbile are willing to help you get on board of the Black Friday Day!

      Now Zeendo offers you a 50% discount in all its responsive websites for desktop computers.  Introduce the code DISC50 and start to enjoy this opportunity.


      Onbile also offers you a 50% discount in the creation for your mobile website. You only have to introduce the code TGBF50.


      Don’t let this chance pass by and tell the word!


      Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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