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Business mobile strategy

      Although they won’t admit it, lots of brands have jumped into the world of mobile without really having any real strategy.

      The mobile consumer research company Kontagent and Econsultancy made a new research in which more than 66% of companies don’t have a defined way to determine if the mobile experiences they are creating are or are not effective, and only 33% track the performance of their apps.

      Mobile web is different to the traditional PC one. It’s a completely new thing, and what brands are still to understand is that mobile experience isn’t sitting at the PC, it’s always on and on the go.

      business mobile strategy

      As a result, lots of companies have developed mobile marketing programs because they know they should have one, more than stopping and thinking what they want to achieve. Close to 66% of the respondents in a survey of more than 1,000 executives said that they were expecting to increase what they are spending on mobile programs this year although they still do not know how to integrate the collected data into experiences that will make sure they keep coming back. It seems that only 25% of brands have a well-defined mobile strategy and only half have plans for next year.

      But some companies are doing it differently. They are those companies that live mainly on the mobile platform, and most of them (nearly 65%) have tactics that are tied to a strategy compared to a quarter of the mobile mainstream companies.

      Both having a strategy and understanding what metrics have to be measured are very important to decide if a stand-alone app should be developed, or if the website should be mobile-optimised. The key is in how the overall mobile platform is viewed.

      If you are still experimenting with mobile, it might not be a good idea to rush into an app yet. The greatest difference between them is that apps function separately from the existing website and mobile websites are just variations of websites. The app must be written in the native language of a particular platform, resulting in a higher performance. It also has the advantage of working offline. The development of mobile websites isn’t so expensive, however, and the content is managed by your existing management system. Plus, you don’t need outside authority to distribute them.

      Apps are useful if you are looking for brand awareness, user loyalty, or as a management tool or a sales channel. On the other hand mobile websites can be used for promotion, visibility, accessibility and SEO.

      Your business can also benefit from the use of new technologies as a marketing strategy. Some of these technologies are:

      • NFC, which is a wireless technology working on the 13.56 MHz band derived from RFID tickets.
      • Mobile payments, which is undoubtedly the star in the use of NFC.
      • Biometrics, which is characterized for both facial and fingerprint recognition.
      • Mesh technology, which creates technology where there’s no Wi-Fi or cellular technology.

      So how do you create a mobile strategy for your business?
      mobile marketingIt might be a good idea to do as lots of companies who have a specifically set subdomain for mobile phones. What this means is that if you type in a website into your phone it instantly detects you are doing so frlom a mobile device and redirects you to the page’s subdomain. What you have to do is make sure your mobile site loads quickly, providing a simple streamlined experience.

      Other good ideas to boost your business are landing pages, which are web pages that have been designed with the goal of encouraging the visitor to take action like requesting a quote or making a booking. They should be designed to funnel visitors towards achieving the desired goal. Mobile coupons are also a godo way of implementing mobile marketing for your business. There are a lot more mobile marketing strategies for business, but you must bear in mind that the centerpin of them all is to have a mobile-optimized website, so do not hesitate any longer, and go mobile today!

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