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Cloud Computing Concerns and Issues

Cloud Computing Technology There are some events that could be considered the main reasons that triggered the development of this technology (the rise of social networks and the requirement of data storage, the division of companies into regions and the need to have information, software, internal resources in every region, etc.), but they are not […]
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Top 5 web browsers

A comparison of the most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, with their most important features, like system compatibility and multimedia software support, and statistics on their rate of use.
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Baidu mobile operating system

Baidu is China's number one web services provider. It offers all kinds of web-based applications, and it is supported by Android devices. It has also recently developed a mobile operating system, as well as its own mobile device.
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Page speed on mobile browsing

load time mobile users
One of the more important aspects for users to consider a website to be good is its loading time. This factor depends on users’ internet speed, where users are (urban or rural area) and the gadget users use to access the Internet (desktop computers or mobile devices).
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