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Global mobile advertising

The global mobile advertising market has taken off faster than expected because thanks to the ability the smartphones and tablets to adapt to the needs of the users. Mobile advertising's revenue is growing every year more and more, that's why every day more companies invest in mobile advertising campaigns.
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Content Strategy for Mobile

This article explains the importance of having a strategy when adapting and preparing content for a mobile device by telling you what Karen McGrane, author of the book Content Strategy for Mobile has got to say.
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How to Build an iPhone Adapted Website

flash iphone
The number of iPhone users is increasing every day due to the strong growth of the terminal and its many features. However, many iPhone users find that Flash elements don't work on their smartphones when surfing the Internet.
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JavaScript to build mobile websites

JavaScript is a programming language used in the ‘traditional’ World Wide Web to improve user interface offered by the traditional HTML to achieve a more dynamic online experience. We are used to control navigation, drop-down menus, shipping forms and pop-ups. However, these items can cause problems when they are displayed in mobile browsers.
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An overview of the main features that make HTML5 different from its previous version, HTML4, including markup, error handling, APIs and multimedia content.
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Corporate designing tips

In order to attract clients attention your corporate website has to look professional. onbile gives you some tips to design your website the most convenient way.
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