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Do-It-Yourself Service Model

Nowadays, people want to have all the resources they need for their web presence for less money. Thanks to the development of cloud services, a new way of operating has become popular: the Do It Yourself model. Read this white paper to know more about it!
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Cloud Computing Concerns and Issues

Cloud Computing Technology There are some events that could be considered the main reasons that triggered the development of this technology (the rise of social networks and the requirement of data storage, the division of companies into regions and the need to have information, software, internal resources in every region, etc.), but they are not […]
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Strategic steps to make your business mobile

Many times companies are lost, don’t know exactly what steps they need to follow to become mobile. Let’s analyze step by step what are the most important things to have in mind if you want to be leader and make the most of the mobile channel. More than the 20% of mobile users access to […]
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Browsing on mobile devices

Thanks to the mobile devices use growing Internet browsing is a very common issue nowadays. Discover the most popular mobile operating systems in the market and the comparative between them.
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Do free apps make money?

There are several ways to monetize your mobile app and keep it free: from premium services, to in-app advertising or sponsors, so you'll be able to make the best out of return on investment thanks to a good marketing strategy.
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