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PayPal in-store payments

PayPal in-store payments
The shop of the future will look quite different, with less emphasis on counter-based tills and more focus on portable sales points using mobile devices. PayPal is constantly innovating and creating new, better ways of payments in order to improve customers' lives. That's why they're so successful.
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Office Mobile for iPhone

Microsoft has finally decided to roll out an Office application for iPhone users. It's called Office Mobile and it's available on iTunes. The download is for free, but the monthly subscription is 10 dollars or 100 dollars per year if you pay it right away.
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5G Technology

5G technologies are currently being tested for what is expected to be the fastest mobile internet speed to date. Although this technology isn't expected to reach the public until 2020, the first results have been already made public.
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Online advertising forecast

online advertising forecast
If you're an online advertising investor - you're about to get good news: in the following years the global investment in online advertising will continue growing. Advertising yourself online is a trend that hasn't stopped getting better since it started.
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Open Web Device

boot 2 gecko
Open Web Device is a project developed by Telefonica and Mozilla Firefox to create mobile phones based on an open OS, FirefoxOS, and developed in HTML5.
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Tweetdeck for iPad

TweetDeck launches the new version for the Apple mobile devices, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 operating system or next versions. Is not an updating, is a new app.
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Microsofts Windows Phone 7: campaign against Google Android

Smartphones market, who´s gonna be the leader? Mobile market results a territory to conquer with millionare benefits to the one who be the leader, now with the operating system Google Android and Apple iOS are undisputed owners of this niche market, however, Microsoft with its Windows Phone isn´t convincing, so it has launched a Twitter […]
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