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Responsive images optimization

On a previous article we explained why it is a good idea to optimize images for the web. We saw how an image of 1,600px of width weighed about 200 KB keeping its high quality, something which is really interesting to ensure a quick and agile webpage load and operation. Zeendo’s responsive websitews editor ensures that […]
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Responsive web design tutorial

Since the smartphone market explosion web designers have worked on a web design technique that would allow to create a single website that would be display correctly on all devices. It's called responsive design. Learn more about it in this post.
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How to build mobile websites

building mobile website
Building a mobile website shouldn't be a difficult and it certainly shouldn't be only for programmers. If you surf the World Wide Web you'll see that it offers a wide variety of payment or free tools, like Onbile, Google Developers and Wirenode.
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How to create tabs on your Facebook page using Static HTML iframes

Static FBML iframes for pages
What´s Static HTML iframes for Facebook pages Consists in an app that replaces the previous Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and allows to create easily customizable tabs on our Facebook pages, as welcome pages or contents which are not given directly by Facebook (videos, photo, links, notes…). Through a simple HTML code we can add […]
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Hootsuite reports builder

hootsuite reports screenshot
Hootsuite reports let users to measure their results on social networks adding modules and sections with the statistics of your profiles. Hootsuite sells points to purchase new stats moduls.
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Schedule a post on Hootsuite

log in hootsuite
One of the big advantages of Hootsuite multiplatfom client to manage your social networks is the option of schedule a message, programming it for the future to be published. Overall for business accounts, when you need to keep updated your different profiles on different accounts, even on the weekend, this tool is very useful for […]
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