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Create QR code for your business

Create QR code for your business

      I’m sure you have seen QR codes on all kinds of products and in all kinds of places; on milk or juice cartons, on products’ labels, on bills, on advertising billboards, etc. QR codes were created in 1994 by the Japanese company, Denso-Wave, and acquired lots of popularity since their emergence.

      Scanning a QR code is easy and fun. You just need to install a QR code reader app on your smartphone, find a QR code and scan it by aiming your phone’s camera on the code and enjoy the ride. QR codes can be used for whatever purposes: advertising, coupons, surveys, multimedia greeting cards, etc.

      Restaurants are some of the businesses that take greater advantage of the QR code tool. They use QR codes for surveys that seek to measure customers’ satisfaction. After enjoying a great meal, while waiting for the bill, customers can scan the QR code in order to complete a survey that will tell if he was satisfied or not with the service and food.

      qr codes for customer satisfaction survey

      Completing such a survey is now a fun thing to do. It’s no longer tedious or boring. You don’t have to write down anything. You just have to scan the QR code using your smartphone and tap a few times in order to complete the survey and that’s it.

      Fuddruckers, a popular fast food chain from the USA, decided to use QR codes in their restaurants in order to find out what’s the satisfaction level of their customers. Fuddruckers’ customers are able to provide feedback on their meal experience by scanning a QR code using their mobile device. The advantage of using mobile devices for customer feedback is that it’s easy for customers and allows companies to get feedback on the spot.

      Fuddruckers qr code customer satisfaction survey

      Nowadays, mobile devices are playing a major role in restaurants customer service strategies as the percentage of people owning a smartphone or a tablet smartphones increases. By getting feedback from smartphones and tablets restaurants obtain information on the spot, instead of waiting for days later as with traditional survey methods.

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