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Creating content for mobile websites

      People usually give greater importance to technical aspects and design of a website.

      Although this is vital, it is also necessary to give equal importance to the information provided and the way it is presented: written content must be impeccable.

      The truth is that not many people are able to write content in a clear and concise way, ensuring the absence of any kind of errors.

      The teams involved in the creation of web pages usually consist of programmers, designers and marketing specialists. The team doesn’t usually do not include written communication professionals, who should be responsible for content composition, organization, optimization and functional distribution.

      In addition, these professionals must optimize content to improve search engine positioning and consider SEO and SEM strategies in order to improve the performance of your website. It is necessary therefore to have a good writing team specializing in the Internet world to get high quality web content according to graphic design, which is usually the hardest part in the creation of a website.

      Mobile web content adaptation

      To identify aspects that you should consider when creating content for mobile websites, we should think at the time of creation but we will also have to provide some checks and modifications until the desired result. This allows us to correct any mistake that can be committed during the design and publication of content.

      Below, we present some considerations that will help you define the strategy for creating text on your mobile website taking into account the technical limitations of these devices and possible marketing strategies we need to undertake.

      • Length of texts. Users don’t like long texts. They prefer short and specific messages. The most important information on the page must appear at the top, so users don’t have to scroll down to read the content. The beginning of a sentence is essential to capture reader’s attention.
      • Language. All readers should understand the content. It is better that you write using a conversational tone to create a sense of closeness. Adapt your way of communicating to the reader. You will have to perform a study to analyze your target audience.
      • Styleinverted pyramid: the most important findings must be presented first, followed by details and supporting information. Write starting from specific to general. On a perfectly written website users should find essential information in the first line. Always try to create descriptive, engaging and high quality text.
      • Style inverted pyramid

      • Text that will supply images. Since these websites tend to include less graphical contents, it should contain simple explanations to help visitors understand the global sense of the website.
      • Adapted to each page. The content must be adapted to each of the pages on your mobile website. For example, if your website has a blog, it must contain relevant and appealing content to attract readers. Legal text should be written using formal language. The contact page should contain all the information needed to locate your company. Moreover, since visitors are mobile users and are accessing your website from a mobile device, you should create a click-to-call button or include the option of sending e-mails.
      • Optimized for search engine. SEO has also reached mobile web browsers and search engines have algorithms responsible for managing searches from mobile devices. That’s why, you must take account this perspective and create a keyword strategy that will help position your site. You should define the keywords directly related to your product or service. They’re called core keywords, and those that have a lower relation but are able to bring traffic and conversions are called outskirts. This allows us to create a hierarchy of keywords that will help us address our potential customers, planning marketing strategies, etc.

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