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Do It For Me web design service

      Websites need to be mobile-ready since the launch of the new Google algorithm on 21st April. Google warmed that your website must be optimized for smartphones or it won’t appear on its searches from mobiles devices.

      Nevertheless, people not only access the Internet through a mobile device, but also using tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smart TVs… According to Emarketer, the number of tablet owners will increase by 17.1% during 2015 [1]; however, according to IDC the smartphone penetration will decrease to 1.4 billion units this year [2]

      On the other hand, more than 40% of tablet users use this device to compare local products and services, and the tablet search traffic occurs after 5:00 pm [3].

      It follows that your website must be optimized for all kinds of devices; in other words it has to be responsive. If you don’t offer a good user experience, those people who are visiting your website won’t become potential clients.

      Benefits of responsive web design

      Having a responsive website is the best choice for companies, since they have to offer their users an optimized and comfortable experience. However, according to Guypo, only 1 in 8 websites are responsive [4]. These are the benefits that can empower their business:

      • Google is the most used search engine in the world, with 67% of the searches market share. One of its requirements is that all websites are responsive, or at least mobile, so you will have to comply with this if you want your position to be good on Google.
      • Responsive websites allow you to manage your site with one single URL, so you will have only to focus on running a single SEO campaign strategy; and therefore, you will save time and money.
      • Reach more customers taking into account mobile users. Tablets and smartphones are becoming users’ preferred devices to make a purchase online. According to Mediapost, 33% of online shoppers made at least one purchase using their smartphone in the past years, and 20% purchased an item via tablet. [5]
      • According to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile, 67% of users are more likely to acquire a service or purchase an article when they can see the content perfectly on their devices. On the other hand, 61% of them will leave a website when the user experience is really poor. Furthermore, 48% of users say that when they are visiting a website that cannot be correctly visualized on tablets or smartphones, they feel like the company doesn’t care for its business or its clients. So, with a responsive design, UX improves because the design is more unified and harmonious. This fact increases the conversion ratio, since the user will spend more time visiting your website.

      Web design service for SOHOs and SMEs

      So it is clear that companies need to be online and have their own website, and if this website can be responsive, even better. However, creating a whole responsive website can be expensive and take a long time: hiring a developer (if the company doesn’t have its own development department), agreeing on the terms for the project, explaining the project to them, revisions, and so on. This translates into endless meetings and an often long bill at the end of the process.

      But this doesn’t need to be the case.

      Nowadays there are other companies that provide a different kind of web creation services, less expensive and yielding quality results. There are a few companies on the market that offer a website editor for users to create their own websites. The website creation is based on previously designed templates that can be personalized to a higher or lesser degree depending on the case, and which are easier to work with, as compared to traditional website development

      These kind of companies offer two different services:.

      1. DIY (Do It Yourself):

      Users select the services of free cloud platforms that provide previously built templates, so that they only have to choose the colour, the content and the elements to include. Since they don’t have technical knowledge, this options suits them perfectly because platforms are really intuitive.

      However, they must have enough time to spare to build the website themselves. Also, although technical knowledge is not require, having some notions of web design is a plus.

      2. DIFM (Do It For Me)

      On the other hand, the DIY approach may not be the most suitable option if you can’t spend time on creating your website, if you feel that you’re not up to the task, or simply if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.

      If you think any of these may be your case, the best solution for you is the DIFM approach, which combines the best of DIY and ad hoc website building.

      This approach is becoming the most commonly selected by SMEs, SOHOs and freelancers to take advantage of what the internet has to offer. The same companies offering DIY website editors offer the services of professional web designers to create a website for those who don’t want to use the DIY service themselves. The results are often as good as those of ad hoc web design, but since the design is done using templates, less time and effort is needed, and therefore less money.

      Other benefits of DIFM are that it can be of use for small company owners to polish off their business plan, as they will have to explain to someone how their company works. And also, since a professional will be doing the design, they will also take care of some basic SEO tasks, which may be really helpful for company owners who feel a bit out of their depth on this subject.

      DIFM web design services

      Why Zeendo is the perfect DIFM web design service

      Zeendo is an all-in-all web presence platform for SMEs, SOHOs and freelancers. This platform offers different solutions for all kind of users, whether they want a Do it yourself or a Do it for me approach, to create multidevice websites.

      Whatever the solution you choose, with Zeendo you will:


      Be responsiveresponsive web design

      Having a responsive website is the clue to complying with the characteristics of the new Google algorithm, and with Zeendo it is easy! Zeendo is an online platform to create websites that look beautiful in every device. Let our experts build you a website that is optimized for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smart TVs, etc.



      SEO position

      Be web present for less money

      Save costs on the development and maintenance of your website. You will only have to pay for one website which will be optimized for every device.





      brand domain email


      Be professional

      Create your own brand thanks to our templates with professional designs, customizable with your own domain and corporate email addresses.




      all-in-all web presence platform

      Be efficient

      Get web + hosting + domain + email + e-commerce with our all-in-all web presence platform.













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