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Do-It-Yourself Service Model


      Cloud computing

      Cloud computing consists of a set of programs and services hosted in a server which is connected to a network and is accessible from any device with Internet connection. It is not necessary to download and/or install any applications to use it, since everything is in the web and everybody can access it.

      This tool has transformed all the business models and strategies due to its capacity to accelerate the processes’ innovation and reduce costs. The aim of this technology is to enable people to access the information from anywhere at any time and with any kind of device (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, desktops computers, laptops, notebooks…). Originally, it was created for users of technology who aren’t experts, but who want to solve problems quickly and easily. This is why cloud computing is a very easy-to-use technology.


      cloud marketplaces

      This new technology has favoured the birth and growth of a new way of business: cloud marketplaces. This kind of marketplaces are online platforms that gather together cloud services, which are offered to business professionals mainly. Among the companies who use this kind of services we can find Telcos – such as TeliaSonera, Indosat, Ooredoo or Etisalat -, provider of TV services  – such as ComCast -,  Global multinational IT Consulting company – such as Wipro – , or other companies not related to the ICT field such as office supply companies (Staples) or publishing companies (Pearson). These companies use cloud brokers to provide a marketplace of cloud applications, which they offer to their end users (usually businesses).


      Services cloud Marketplaces

      The kind of services offered in these platforms vary enormously, and can go from marketing to social media tools or development applications.

      The most popular products provided in these marketplaces are those aimed to increase the companies’ profitability:

      • Company’s projects and email management platforms
      • Customer relationship management and time tracking apps
      • Website builders
      • Cloud and hosting services
      • Security services
      • Social Media management apps

      The average price of these services are about 20€/month, although some of them can reach 195€/month. The majority of payment products are offered with a free trial period, so that users can know how to manage it and persuade them to purchase it.

      These prices vary enormously from the pricing usually offered by these companies for the same products. These prices can be mainly achieved thanks to the cloud computing system used to serve the programs. But there has been another important factor in the mix too: in many instances these programs are less expensive because they provide only the tools and not the labour.


      Do it yourself service

      Companies offer their programs for users to create their invoicing system, develop their website or manage their social networks, for instance, but they don’t do it for them. It’s what has become known as DIY (in IT contexts).

      This kind of service has had an enormous acceptance among the public because it combines the service demanded by users with a decrease in the price. Also it gives users more liberty as they can manage their own projects and change them as much as they want before they consider them final.

      • Manage your own project. Make as many changes as you want, have it your way.
      • Save money. You do it yourself.
      • Keep the project inhouse.

      They can manage their own time to create their projects and spend the money they want in them, since they don’t have to pay for web designers or developers. However, it doesn’t mean a quality loss in the final result: it will depend on the users’ skills and dedication.

      In addition, they don’t have to spend time in purchasing hardware, software or updatings; users access an online platform, in which all resources and document are hosted, with Internet connection. They are always available and extra program downloadings or upgradings are not needed. In addition, this kind of services are offered with free hosting, so users don’t have additional costs.

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