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Download Music to your Mobile Phone

      New technologies have brought lots of new things to mobiles, among which is the music functionality that practically every new device comes with nowadays. In fact, listening to music on your cell phone is becoming more and more easy.

      Transferring songs that are saved on your PC (either because they’ve been imported from CD’s or downloaded from iTunes or other such services) to your cell-phone is probably the simplest way to add music on to your phone.

      But how do you transfer the songs to your mobile? First you have to use either bluetooth or a USB cable to connect your mobile to the computer. You should then go to the Start Menu and open Computer or My Computer. Your phone should be automatically detected by your computer. Next you have to double-click on the phone’s icon in the open window.

      The following step is to copy the songs from the folder where you’ve saved them and pasting them into the open phones folder.
      Music files come in different types. The most popular is MP3 (compatible with most music-playing phones) and used for different download sites like iTunes and eMusic.
      But it’s convenient to choose a music-playing phone that supports the same file type as that where most of your music is stored. For example, if you didn’t change settings when you ripped your CDs using Windows Media Player then those files will be Windows Media Audio, but there are also file types like FLAC and Ogg Vorbis (more common for people looking for quality sound.


      However, if your music collection’s file types and the files your phone supports aren’t in accordance, you can convert your files into Mp3 by using Media Monkey software among many others.

      Another way to download music onto your mobile is by doing it straight to your device without saving it on your computer (either directly from the internet on your PC or smartphone). In order to do this I’d advise a fast internet connection and it’s probably more advisable to use your desktop PC (if you have a good internet connection, then your smartphone (so as to not use up any of your phone’s data allowance).

      How to sync itunes music and your iphone

      In first place you should connect your iPhone and your computer with the USB cord, which works with PCs and Macs, facilitating access to your iTunes menu.

      Next, you should open iTunes on your computer in order to start to download just updated files. In fact, itunes is supposed to open automatically once it’s been recognized on the iPhone.

      Now what you have to do is to select the “source” option in your iTunes menu so that you establish your iPhone as your music downloads’ final destination and you can also set yor iPhone as a primary source if you go to the Advanced menu section.


      You can also use iTunes’ auto sync tool so that you update your iPhone library every time your phone is connected to your computer. Just presson the summary tab at the top of iTunes and click the “Auto Sync” icon so that it becomes your default sync option.

      If there’s any kind of problem just click on the “Restore” icon on the iTunes summary screen, and if not, in order to save space just carry on creating individual playlists on your computer.

      Until the sync has been completed you should maintain your iPhone connected to the computer, and your iTunes library will tell you when it’s done.

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