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Email marketing tips

      As is said you never get a second chance to get a first impression, so that is what companies have to say goodbye to massive marketing emails. Nowadays all of us want to be treated differently, so we can feel special, important and unique, and this feeling doesn’t appear by receiving a generic email.

      Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching audience for a company, so here comes the question: Should they personalize their emails or not?

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      The truth is that thanks to Big data, this personalization is easier than ever, companies have access to more customers shopping habits details, so the emails can be perfectly adapted to every client without big efforts.

      What do I need if I want to personalize emails for my audience? Simply two things:

      • Technology: for example using conditional blocks of information through which you can create an html code build automatically based on customer interests.
      • CRM: a great data base, plenty of information about every client, because companies have to look for customer’s satisfaction, and as we said they want to feel unique.  With CRM, business can seek personal information, so the mails can be adapted to the audience. By using personalization, you will increase.

      But personalizing email is not that simply, there are a few disadvantages, the most important is related to privacy. There are some topics or services about which people cannot feel safe of their identity like financial, insurance or health services.

      So before sending a personal email about one of these kind of topic think first if you will feel comfortably receiving an email like that.

      Finally if you want to use this technique with your customers you may want to follow these tips:

      • Use the name or the username in case your customers have one, but you mustn’t use last names. By using the name people tent to think that the email comes from a trusted source.
      • Write “From real to real”: make the email look like it comes from a real person to another person, and make sure it seems been written for him or her alone.
      • And finally get to the point; people don’t like to spend a lot of time reading, so it is important to maintain their attention.

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