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Facebook fan page tracking

capture ga

      If you already registered your business on Facebook and you want to know how many people visit your fan page you will need to track this page frequently. This allows you to know if you have multiple tabs, in which time there are more people or how many people have arrived from a Google search.

      The statistics showed by Facebook Pages’ administrators, while helpful, are limited to interaction with your followers. A web analytics service like Google Analytics provides sophisticated and comprehensive statistics.

      capture ga

      Adding a tracking code for Google Analytics to your Facebook page can be done easily, but it requires time to do that.

      Taking into account that your Facebook fan page isn’t your own platform, so it does not allow you to change its basic design and it only supports limited JavaScript code. As we all well know, Google Analytics needs users to insert a JavaScript code into the website where they want to track visitors. Thus, we need to find the solution to this problem.

      We suggest using the a free program called FBGAT (Facebook Google Analytics Tracker) that allows Google Analytics to work on your Facebook page. Now you can have accurate statistics of your visitors, traffic sources, cities/countries of origin, and keywords for which Facebook found your page through a search engine like Google or Bing.

      ga for facebook

      In the following video I tell you the procedure to set the Google Analytics tracking code on your Facebook page. You must have installed on your page application that allows you to insert HTML code, the best known is Static FBML. If this is not your case, read the previous article I posted: How to Customize your Facebook page.

      You can also subscribe to the weekly statistical report sent by Facebook where you’ll find the main data about visitors, friends, etc.

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