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Features of Opera mini browser

opera browser features

      Below are listed some Opera mini features.

      opera browser features

      Your data, wherever you need it

      Backup your bookmarks, Speed Dials, and search engines to My Opera, and keep them synchronized between different phones or with the Opera browser on your desktop computers or laptops. With Opera Link, you can take your favorite websites with you, wherever you go.

      Share the best of the Web

      When you come across a page that you want to show to the world, just tap the “Share” icon from Opera’s menu. Then choose from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, vKontakte and more to share a link in a snap.

      See what you are looking for

      Finding what you are looking for in text-heavy pages on your phone has never been as easy. As you type, the Opera browser finds your search term and highlights all occurrences in the page, allowing you to cycle through them.

      Manage your downloads

      Opera’s Downloads feature is the most advanced download manager available for mobile phone, built right in to the browser. Start downloading files and keep track of their progress from Downloads. You can pause downloads, when necessary, and resume them when it is convenient.

      Easy access to your bookmarks

      Save, edit and organize bookmarks into folders. Sophisticated bookmark management lets you keep track of many sites. Enabling Opera Link can even keep bookmarks synchronized across the Opera installations on other devices, such as your computer, so you always have your links when you need them.

      Go back in time

      With Opera’s history feature, you can find pages you visited before. Visited pages in your history are grouped by date, so you can easily find a site by the day you have viewed it.

      Read a page any time, from anywhere

      When you find a page that you would like to keep, use Opera’s Save Page feature, and you can access it any time, without having to wait for it to download—even with no Internet connection.

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