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Free Mobile Website Template Samples

professional mobile templates

      The mobile industry is changing the way people interact and make business. Web traffic from mobile devices is increasing worldwide and having a mobile online presence had become a necesity for any company. But not every business can afford to build their own custom mobile website or app. An easy and affordable way to adapt your website for mobile devices is using a mobile website template like the ones that Onbile offers. Whatever is your bussines, there is a template available that will fit your needs.

      professional mobile templates

      Find the perfect mobile template for your business

      Mobile Website Templates for Restaurants

      Many restaurant websites use technologies that cannot be properly seen on a mobile device. With 30% of all restaurant searches coming from mobile phones, this is something no restaurant can afford. A professional mobile website template for restaurants guarantees a good online presence and makes your restaurant easily found through mobile devices. Search for templates with big images, put your menú and photos of food and your restaurant. Remember that warm colors are more favorable to whet appetites.

      restaurant mobile template

      Mobile Website Templates for Hotels

      Mobile technology is changing the way people travel. 19% of hotel queries come from mobile devices. Creating a mobile website with a professionhal template is a basic tool to give relevant and easy-to-find information about your hotel. Choose a template that focus on the directions of your hotel, preferably with a clear map and a CTC button. It may be a good idea to include links to interesting local places in your site.

      hotel mobile templates

      Mobile Website Templates for Attorneys

      In the incredibly competitive world of law firms is cruzial to project a good image. A mobile website template provides a professional look and a great way for your potential clients to find your business through mobile devices.

      attorney mobile templates

      Mobile Website Templates for Blog

      Using a mobile website template guarantees that your blog will be readable and will look good anywhere and on any device. These templates have clean interfaces that allow a confortable reading experience from small screens. Choose a professional looking template, with toned down colors, nothing too loud. Keep your content to the point, you don’t want to overwhelm your readers. Make sure directions are clear, and don’t forget to add a CTC button.

      blog mobile templates

      Mobile Website Templates for Agencies

      Many agencies and design studios don’t have time to focus on their own websites as they are too busy working for clients. A mobile website template is a great way to guarantee that your website will look good on any device, without compromising your time. Choose a template that represents your agency personality (serious, fun, etc.) and make sure the design is clean and not invasive, so your work stands out.

      agency mobile templates

      Mobile Website Templates for Architecture Firms

      Mobile website templates for architecture firms offer clean and modern layouts that emphasize the content, portraying a great image for your company and ensuring a great user experience. Look for professional, sober and clean templates with a good image gallery. Colors like gray, black or a desaturated blue usually work great for architecture sites, making them look professional and elegant.

      architecture mobile templates

      Mobile website for photographers

      Potographers are always on-the-go and having a mobile website can be an easy way to have a portfolio always at-hand. A mobile website template professionaly designed provides a functional and clean environment for your work, making it the center of your website and ensuring it is properly viewable on any mobile device.

      photgrapher mobile templates

      Mobile Websites for Weddings and Events

      A mobile website can be a great tool for organizing an event, serving as a container of information for attendants and organizers. A mobile website template is the easiest way to create your event’s mobile website.

      event wedding mobile templates

      Mobile Real Estate Website Templates

      The number of property hunters through mobile devices is growing rapidly. A mobile website template is an easy way to provide your on-the-go users with real estate-listing and information about properties. Look for a sober template with a good image gallery and make sure to make your phone number stand out.

      real estate mobile templates

      Fashion Mobile Webites Templates

      Professional mobile website templates are simple and elegant and include interesting features for fashion firms, such as image galleries or mobile shop, ensuring a great user experience on any device.

      fashion mobile templates

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