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Google Analytics for mobile tracking

devices traffic

      With the rise of Internet browsing on mobile devices and the mobile-optimized websites, Google Analytics has been adapted to offer website statistics and tracking features in mobile devices (iPhone, Android and the Palm Pre) in order to know your visitors’ and potential customers’ behaviour. Obviously, this tool is also used by website analysts who want to measure this new kind of traffic generated in their corporate mobile website.

      Google Analytics: mobile options

      Google Analytics offers three options to analyze Internet browsing habits on mobile devices.

      1. You will be able to analyze users’ activity on your mobile website, exactly in the same way you used to analyze your desktop website visitors’ with Google Analytics. This powerful analytics tool provides the same kind of reports about visitor information and traffic sources so you will be able to track your mobile website users’ visits from smartphones and WAP devices.
      2. Another option is to keep performing regular analysis of your desktop website, but remember to take into account that there’s also traffic that comes from mobile devices.

        • You can compare traffic that comes from mobile devices and traffic that comes from your desktop website.
        • mobile filter

        • You can get an exhaustive report about mobile devices that will give you more information on the type of device users used to access your website (brand, model, even a picture of it).
        • devices traffic

        We can also know from what places do your visitors access your mobile website, what exactly they have looked for, if they are unique users or non-unique users, their mobile devices’ screen resolution, etc.

      3. The last issue related to mobile Internet are mobile apps. We can think of an app as of it was a website, so you should use an analytics tool to help you manage triggers of page view or event in your app. The Google SDK allows developers to include Google Analytics in their Android or iPhone mobile device and determine marketing strategies, for example, by analyzing the clicks on your app’s ‘Download’ button in the Android Market.

      Web analytics launches a new branch of study related to traffic generated from mobile websites and apps that generate a new kind of traffic. We think that an analytics tool like Google Analytics will be enough and we will not need another analytics tool.

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