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Google Analytics Goals definition

goals capture

      The definition of goals for monitoring the behavior of a website is not exclusive to e-commerce web pages. It is obvious that we will need to monitor the number of sales of a product and the viability of our advertising campaign on these pages. These tasks may be performed through an accounting program. Although from the point of view of website analytics we can ask ourselves where customers come from, if the sale process has been followed to the end or at what step we have lost a customer.

      Google Analytics provides you the ability to manage these types of goals for e-commerce website and many other goals related with other type of websites (all sites have defined goals): we can define as objective subscribing to one of our newsletters, filling a contact form, download an application, etc. At first, only 4 goals can be defined, but now we are allowed a maximum of 20 goals grouped in 5 sets.

      There are several objectives that can be set in order to get the corresponding follow-up report. One of them is the number of pages the user has visited, which will help us determine the income received through an advertising campaign, for example. Another possible goal could be related to media content placed in our website, we could evaluate the time each user spent on the website and set the goal to spend more than 5 minutes per visit.

      This is the usual classification of goals:

      • Destination URL
      • Duration of the website visit
      • Seen pages per visit

      If you want to follow the step by step configuration of your goals, you can consult the Google Analytics help.

      In addition, Google Analytics allows you to specify previous steps to achieving a specific goal, so that we can display the number of users that arrive at each step of the process and, most importantly, identify where there is a higher quit rate. This idea is refered to the concept of funnel, that you can also manage in the corresponding option of Google Analytics.

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