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Google prioritizes optimized websites for mobile devices

internet from smartphones

      It seems that Google is going to give more priority to websites that are optimized for mobile devices, because as they inform on Google’s official blog, when users arrive to websites that are not optimized for mobile devices their experience is very negative. Over 61% of mobile users ensure that they probably won’t visit a website if they have a bad experience again. Optimizing mobile websites will be rewarded by the famous search engine, Google.

      However, it seems that it isn’t only about user experience on mobile devices. They’re doing it because mobile shows very high growth projection, and since Google is the owner of AdWords, they want to make sure that this is as helpful as possible.

      Google mobile ads

      Everytime more users access websites from mobile devices

      No matter the reason, every day there are more and more users that access websites using their mobile devices, so if your company has got a webpage hurry up and adapt it, whether you’re going to create an advertising campaign or not.

      It is believed that the best consumer experiences through mobile devices happen thanks to websites designed for mobile devices. All of us know the difference between the usability on mobile websites and we really think that it is very important to give the best mobile experience we can to our users.

      internet from smartphones

      Google encourages companies to adapt their sites for smartphones and tablets

      As a consequence, Google ensures that during the next weeks they’re going to introduce mobile website optimization as a new factor to consider the ads’ quality for Adwords campaigns.

      With this announcement, Google wants to encourage companies that haven’t got a website adapted to smartphones and tablets to optimize their desktop website for mobile devices.

      Google and responsive design

      Google is well aware that responsive design is a great improvement for users that access websites using their smartphones and tablets. That’s why the Google team made great efforts to adapt their search results to this web design technique.

      Googlebot Mobile now tracks better websites created using responsive design offering better user experience to smartphone users. Google affirms that its algorithm will improve the position of the websites built with responsive design.

      This is why Google does this:

      1. The fact that your website uses a single URL for all devices makes it easier to link and share the content of your website, thus making your website easier to interact with.
      2. A single URL Google’s algorithm to better assign indexing properties to content.
      3. The fact that there isn’t a redirection to another website especially designed for mobile devices, reduces the loading time.
      4. If a website uses responsive design Googlebot Mobile needs to go through it just one time instead of going through it several times, because it has several versions. This improves the indexing of the website through a single robot, without having to use several to track all the content of your website.

      google recommends using responsive design

      Image source: Google Mobile Ads

      Every day there are more and more smartphone and tablet users, multiplying exponentially internet browsing on mobile devices. This is why companies should optimize their websites to be able to provide excellent mobile user experience.

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