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How to boost your online sales in Christmas

      Christmas holidays are just around the corner, so if you haven’t developed your online strategy you have no time to lose.  According to Thatzad agency if you want to have a detailed and successful strategy for these holidays, you should start to prepare and organize it during the summer. They commented also that the most important attributes your campaign needs are:  beforehand and planning.

      Every year different companies made researches about consumer purchases behavior so they can show different trends and make predictions for next year. One of the most important studies in this topic was introduced by Google on October this year.  One of the principal conclusions is that ROPO effect is growing incredibly fast every year.

      2014 Holiday Shopping Intentions Study

      Almost 70% of surfers admit that they search on the Net before taking a decision to buy their Christmas presents. After this research  30% of consumers purchase on-line. So if you are a retailer we recommend you to have ready your website with all your products and its features updated so customers can noticed them and included in its mental list to visit your brick and mortar location.

      Social Media influence on Christmas Sales

      Another interesting conclusion we can extract of Google’s Research is that about 60% of customers are open to shop on a retailer they have never bought before, so this suppose a huge opportunity to increase revenue.

      MediaPost, that has analyzed Google’s 2013 Holiday Shopping Intentions Study, extracted also some possibilities retailers can communicate its customers to persuade them. 81% rely on discounts, 76% appreciate free shipping and 60% answers to purchase incentives.

      But the question is: How to attract traffic to your website or your store? Social Media networks seem to be a right option for it. Furthermore 76% of smartphones owners plan to use them for holiday shopping, and we all know that one of the preferred uses of a mobile device is to check social platforms.

      Christmas Social Media

      Facebook, Twitter and  Pinterest are great channels to communicate your offers and try to attract new customers, but each four are quite different and require specific and diverse strategies.

      • A special “Warming cozy” aim floats on Christmas holidays and Pinterest boards are a great window display to show your products mixed with vacation inspiration. So apart of exposing your products add some decoration or Christmas products related with yours so you can catch people’s attention.
      • Nowadays Twitter is the most viral social network, but on the other hand content is ephemeral, so you should think about using Twitter Ads or using a cool strategy like Twitter did with its “Tweet a coffee” initiative.
      • Facebook allow companies to achieve emotional levels easier than other platforms publishing photos or videos, so prepare an emotional campaign using different images with easy to remember claims and you will get people’s attention, after they like your page you will have the opportunity to show them your products.

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