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How to create a cell phone website


      Making your website accessible via cell phone or other handheld device can be easier than it seems. There are different options to do this, and the one you choose will depend on several factors.

      Of course, you need to take into account that mobile devices have smaller screens compared to PCs, so the layout of the contents needs to be simpler and more efficiently distributed (this is, in one single column instead of multiple columns), and also that mobile devices connect to the internet using slower connections. So it is not a good idea to fill your website with videos, images, etc. that take ages to load, or which won’t fully load. Also, if your website has a background image or images for buttons and navigations, it’s better to change them in favour of plain text or CSS.


      Mobile website programming

      Not unlike building a regular website, this option implies advanced notions of programming, since you will have to design the whole website. An alternative option for this is hiring a web designer, with the additional costs this involve. The steps to take are the following:

    • Design the layout of your website.
    • Build it with HTML.
    • Add CSS features to personalize it.
    • Upload the website to a server. It will need to be a host that detects the device from which the website is being accessed, thus showing its mobile version or the regular one.
    • web programming

      Mobile templates

      Another option to build a mobile website is through a template. The process is very similar to the first described, but you don’t need to know how to program a website. You only have to:

    • Download a template.
    • Personalize it.
    • Upload it to the server that will detect whether it is accessed via mobile device or other.
    • The obvious disadvantage of this option is that predetermined templates can easily be found online, and there is a chance that another website will look like yours.

      Online web builder

      Probably the best option, online website builders like Onbile provide a fast, accurate and affordable service. They create a mobile version for your website through templates that you can adapt to your needs (unlike the templates), and provide a content editor for you to update the contents of your website easily and without intermediaries.
      As for the price, they usually offer both a free plan in exchange of publicity on your website, and then a professional plan at affordable prices and annual contracts.


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