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How to increase youtube engagement

      It is known that videos are a powerful tool for business promotion no matter their size. But Youtube‘s free model and the massive audience on this social platform, makes this channel a good choice for small business.

      However it is crucial to use properly your brand’s Youtube marketing. What does this mean? That is not enough having a Youtube business account and just upload videos, if you want to increase your engagement by using videos, you need to be proactive.

      According to Digital Marketing Ramblings 6 billions of videos are watched every month on Youtube, but what is more, Youtube has 1 billion unique visitors per day, which makes it a suitable platform to promote your brand.


      To create an account for your business you can choose between two options:

      1. Since it has to be tied to a Google account, if your business already has one, you can use it to create the Youtube account.

      2. If you don’t use Google’s + social platform, then create a Youtube account and you will have automatically a profile on the search engine social platform.

      To find detailed information about how to create it check this article from Sprout Social.

      Once created, it is time to start using it. We have put together some of the most useful tips we have found about how to use your Youtube business account and how to measure the results, so after reading the post you will have a better idea of how to develop your video marketing strategy.


      Youtube marketing tips

      Customize your channel: use your logo and your corporate colours. You can also add the possibility of people subscribing to your content just clicking the button. Also we recommend you to highlight your latest videos and divide them on different playlist including a favourite’s one.

      Use subtitles: since 2010 auto-captioning has been available on Youtube, so subtitling your videos is easier than ever now. This way you will reach more people all over the world. This system uses voice recognition and then you can edit them.

      Be proactive: as we said Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms and if you want to succeed, like in any other platform is a must to interact with other users no matter if they are also brands or users. This way you can establish relevant relationships that maybe will end on new business opportunities.

      Use tags: as some other sites Youtube organize its content using tag words. So we recommend you to take the time to add the tags that fit your videos. Use the most relevant tags you can think about, but also experiment if you want with a few of other words.


      Youtube analytics reports

      Youtube offers its users a free analytics report by clicking “Insights” button on every video you have uploaded. This data, even though free, contains valuable information about visualizations, demographics, community and the most useful in my opinion: how users have come to the video: which links have they followed.

      Don’t overlook them, because metrics are as importart as any other action en every social media strategy!

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