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How to insert Google Analytics code into a Zeendo website

      Currently, both self-employed workers and companies owning a website have the same goal: to increase the number of visits and to get as many visitors as possible. To this end, Google Analytics has become an essential tool to control the traffic and movements made by users on your website.

      Zeendo is also aware of how important this is, and this is why now you can link your Google Analytics account to a website built with our platform quickly and easily.

      These 5 simple steps will help you do it:

      1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account (or create a new one) heregoogle analytics
      2. Click on Admin on the top menu. Then select Property Settings in the Property section. use google analytics on your website
      3. Copy the Tracking ID. For example: UA-XXXXXXXX-X Google analytics code
      4. Sign in to Go to Websites tab and click on the cog icon of the website that you want to link to your Google Analytics account.
      5. On the left menu you will find the Google Analytics section. Choose it and copy the Tracking ID in the box that appears on the screen.  responsive website analyticsFollowing these simple steps, you will be able to control how many visits your website receives and schedule the strategies needed to increase your web traffic.

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      Carmen Celda

      Graphic-website designer UX/UI consultant

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