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How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3

      There may come a time when you will have to reset your Samsung Galaxy S3. There are two different ways to do this, the hard reset and the soft reset, depending on what kind of problem you have with your device. If the problem is that it is frozen and doesn’t respond to commands then you’ll have to soft reset it, but if what’s wrong is that you’re having major problems that can’t be fixed with normal troubleshooting you’ll have to hard reset it to its factory defaults.
      A soft reset will only reboot your device and then return you to the home screen, but if you hard reset your device you might have to re-install all of your applications.

      Soft resetting your Samsung Galaxy S3


      This is really very easy. You can either turn off your phone by holding the power button from 10 to 20 seconds and ten turn your device back on or follow these simple steps: First you turn off your phone and take out the back lid. Then you have to take out the battery, the MicroSD card, the MicroSIM and wait for a couple of minutes. After that put the MicroSD card back in, then the MicroSIM and the battery. Finally cover your phone with the back lid, turn the Galaxy S3 back on and let your phone start again.

      Hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy S3

      There are three ways to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy, using dial pad, from Android OS or from Startup. I would recommend you to save your data somewhere before you hard reset your device because the process will wipe it out. Also, if you have encrypted the data on your SD card you should disable encryption before these steps.

      • Reset using dial pad
        This is the recommended method for regular users, who do not have much knowledge about mobile OS systems. What you need to do is open the dial pad on your phone and enter: *2767*3855#
        After this, your Samsungn Galaxy S3 will reset itself. This is the simplest method to factory reset your S3.
      • Reset from Settings
        The first thing you have to do to hard reset your Android OS is to tap on settings, then you should go to back up and resetsamsung galaxy s3 hard reset settings

        Once this is done you should tap on factory data reset

        factory data reset

        After this you just have to reset the device and finally tap on reset everything.

      • Reset from StartupThe first step is to press the volume up, Home, and Power buttons. You must hold all three buttons at once until the phone turns on.


        After this you will see the recovery screen, use the Volume Down button to go to wipe data/factory reset and you’re almost done.
        Finally, use the Home button to select the highlighted option.

      How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

      If you have decided to delete all the data from your Samsung Galaxy S4, the easiest way to do the Factory Reset is from the menu settings, explained above:

      Settings > Accounts > Back Up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Delete All/Erase Everything.

      If it has fatal errors or freezes, press and hold for more than 7 seconds the power button to reset the device and then if it hasn’t help, do the operation from above.

      For hard reset, turn the phone off and:

      • Press and hold Volume Up and the middle Home button
      • Press Power until the device vibrates
      • Wait for the Android logo to appear and release the buttons
      • Select Wipe data/Factory reset with Volume Down, press Power
      • Select Yes – delete all user data with Volue Down and press Power
      • After that, press Power to reboot phone:


      Don’t forget to back up tha data you want to keep before performing the reset. Backup My Data and Auto Restore are very nice options to tick if you are not sure how to do Factory Reset o your own.

      Take SIM and SD cards out. If you reset your gadget to the factory default with SD card encryption setting enabled, it won’t be able to read your encrypted content, so disable this setting beforehand.

      Another variant is the same as with the S3, just type *2767*3855# on the key pad.

      But don’t hurry to reset your phone, first just turn it off for a while or remove battery entirely. It may help you to clear up some problems. Hard reset is the last step.

      So as you see, the ways to reset your S4 is the same as you did it with S3.

      How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S5

      Please, use the methods described above if you are already looking to hand off your smartphone becausse it’s wise to to a factory reset to wipe and keep all your personal data secure. The only thing we didn’t manage before, your phone MUST be charging… Plug it in because if not, it will lead to a permanent damage.

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