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How to select fonts for your Zeendo website

      From Zeendo, we want to present a great improvement in our editor: the new style editor. You can customize the general design parameters of your website from the style editor: typography, font size, colours, etc.


      These are the main improvements that you will find:

      1. Templates selector

      Without a doubt, the biggest improvement of them all, not only of the style editor, but of Zeendo. Now you can change templates without losing the contents that you have added to your web.

      change templates

      By clicking on the button Change, you can now preview the design of your website with different templates.

      responsive templates

      2. General style parameters

      responsive website style

      – You can choose the general width of your website, which will be adapted responsively to all devices.

      – You can choose 2 different typographies. Despite what some may think, this is something essential to guarantee the global harmony of the visual design of your website.

      – Finally, you can now add a browser icon, also called “favicon”.

      3. Background

      change your website background

      – Add a background as usual (image or plain colour). As you may see in the picture, you now have more options to adapt it to your website: select where you want it to be, the size, applying mosaic effects or not, etc.

      – In addition, you can now choose that image or colour to be the background of all the pages in your website by selecting the option All pages.

      4. Font colour and size

      responsive editor settings

      In this section, you will be able to establish what size and colour you want for each element in your web. Now you can personalize the different design aspects in a more complete way.

      Your website will change in real time according to the changes you make on each of these options we’ve seen. When you add an element (texts, buttons, etc.), these will appear in your website with the colours and sizes that you established on this panel, so that you don’t have to change these parameters one by one.

      Thanks to these improvements, Zeendo is now a more intuitive and faster editor. We hope you enjoy it!

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      Carmen Celda

      Graphic-website designer UX/UI consultant

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