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How to set up SEO for your Zeendo website

      Simply having your website online doesn’t guarantee you the visits. When you look for a service on Google, thousands of results come up, but we seldom check them beyond the first page of results. This is where SEO comes into play.

      A good SEO strategy ensures you better positioning on search engines, and it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Follow these few simple steps and you will improve your website’s SEO very quickly.

      Open the CONTENT MANAGER clicking on the button and a tag will open to the left:

      zeendo content manager

      The content manager will allow you to add or delete pages, put them in order or edit their SEO options.

      When you click on the cog button you will be able to configure the page’s options and SEO:

      • Page Settings: you can name the page as you want it to appear on your website’s menu, change its slug and decide which page you want to make your home page.
      • SEO Settings: you can change the title of the page, add its description and the meta keywords needed for SEO optimization.


      optimize SEO settings


      • Page Title: About 70 characters long (B in the image below).
      • Page description: Description of your website’s products/services, as it will appear on search engines. Optimal length for search engines is roughly 155 characters (C in the image below).
      • Meta Keywords: It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. You want your visitors to be looking for you specifically, so your website’s keywords need to be related to what they will find there (A in the image below). If you want your SEO to be even more effective, you can optimize your meta keywords using a keyword analysis tool.


      zeendo SEO


      These few steps will ensure you a better positioning, but if you want your SEO strategy to be more comprehensive, take into account the following ones too and you will see how your website’s SEO is really improved:

      1. Content is king. This has been repeated over and over, but not for that is less true: if your website has consistency of content throughout, it will ensure you a better position. And if you top that with content rich in keywords, you can get fantastic results.
      2. Submit your website to directories. If you own a small business, the best way for your prospective clients to find you is submitting your website to popular online directories. You just need to enter your essential information on the popular directories and, aside from people being able to find you in those, the search engines will find you and eventually help you rank higher.
      3. Link your website to your social media profiles. This is a good way to keep in touch with your clients and to make your business ideology known among them. Make sure to have updated social media profiles and to link them back to your website.
      4. Analytics tracking. Studying your web traffic can help you understand the nature and behaviour of your visitors. Zeendo offers a basic metrics system which you can use to monitor your website’s performance, or you can alternately use your Google Analytics code if you have one to perform more in-depth analysis. Use the data acquired to develop your marketing strategy.

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