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How to use PayPal in stores

paypal in-store payments

      Last year, PayPal expressed its wish to enter the market for in-store mobile payments. For that purpose, the company took a series of steps, the most important of them being a deal with Discover, a credit card network, to allow PayPal users to make payments in the more than 7 million retails in the US that support Discover Card payments.

      PayPal has already PayPal Here, a payment system for small businesses to accept card payments using a card reader that can be attached to a mobile phone to process the payment. Also, payments can be made through PayPal’s wallet app.


      These actions, along with direct partnerships with bigger retailers, according to the company, in-store payments via PayPal are expected to be in order in about 2 million offline shops.

      PayPal has the advantage over its competitors –Square, Google Wallet or Isis– to have the trust of over 128 million users worldwide, which has gotten its app to be downloaded by 37% of those surveyed by the IAB regarding mobile payments.

      But in-store payments aren’t only beneficial for retailers because of the quick sales they drive, but also as a means of building up CRM programs. For instance, by means of a mobile log-in page that users have to visit to access the Wi-Fi service, retailers could insert links there to their website. This way, users showrooming for a product would have a chance of buying it directly from the brand’s online store, instead of resorting to another brand. Also, log-in pages could be used to ask users for information, like phone number or email address, which can be used to build longer lasting relationships with consumers after they leave the store.

      PayPal Payments Standard

      PayPal Payments Standard is an easy way to accept credit cards wherever you do business. You can sell online (it accepts credit cards and PayPal), prepare invoices, process in-store payments by means of a credit card reader (PayPal Here), and your shoppers don’t even need to have a PayPal account. It doesn’t have a setup fee or apply monthly charges.

      PayPal Payments Pro

      PayPal Payments Advanced (or Pro) is a similar product to PayPal Payments Standard, only it is tailored for businesses. It is a more sophisticated solution, the main difference from Standard being on the checkout experience for the business customers. It enables a much more customizable checkout, allowing businesses to integrate it within their own website. That way, shoppers don’t ever have to leave the site. It has a monthly fee (this may vary form one country to another).

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