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HTML frameset scrolling and iframes on mobile devices

      Web developers use frames to insert a web page within another. There are two basic types of frames: HTML frames, also known as framesets, and i-frames (included frames). Framesets have fallen into disuse because of its negative impact on user experience and its indexing in search engines, so this element will not be accepted in HTML5. The framesets allow you to move within a certain portion of the page without scrolling the entire page. When we surf a website that uses HTML frames to display content, it will probably only show the main content of a page on a mobile phone and the content inserted into the HTML frame won’t be displayed. For example, the iPhone does not include scroll bars, so the framesets work in a particular way in iPhone browsers.

      iphone and frames
      To scroll through these frameworks and see all the content, you need to use the two-finger scroll technique.

      The i-frames (frames included) are still quite common in traditional websites and they are more likely to be interpreted correctly, but they still can cause interpretation problems on mobile. In most cases, if your mobile browser does not support iframes, the included element just won’t be shown. iOS and Windows Phone support i-frames, but most BlackBerries, Motorola and Nokia phones are not able to interpret them.

      iframe code

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