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Keys to improve your online commerce

      The sector of Ecommerce is living one of its best moments. That’s why more and more users are interested in knowing how to boost their sales and to maximize the potential benefits. The success of Ecommerce lies in offering to clients what they want on advantageous terms like  rapid access to information allowed by the online environment and the commodity of asking for the product from anywhere in the world. However, some of the disadvantages are the impossibility of having the product to check it or getting it at the time of purchase.  But these ones can be solved by offering a positive experience to the user, that fulfilled their expectations and generating faith in the brand. Here is a list of 14 keys to improve your online commerce.

      1. Determine your public and goals. You have to delimitate to which clients the information will be sent, and after that, identify them by asking their age, address and interest.

      2. Better usability. Your E-commerce must have a responsive design, this means it must be adapted to every kind of devices to be well visualized (computers, tablets and smartphones).

      3. Landing pages.Design your product pages like “landing pages” and not like catalogue sheets, since the majority of clients have found your product through a meta-search engine. To do it:

      • Don’t include unnecessary stimulus which redirect users to other pages different from the product page or the shopping basket.
      • Try to write the essential information. If you want to add additional content, use a modal window or a drop menu showing that information, without redirecting the user to other page.

      4. SEO. To appear localized in the search engines, you must include unique, personalized and appealing text for each product. It is also recommended, to the extent possible, to shorten the URL of subpages and to use tools to improve the positioning

      5. Fast and confident website. The loading speed is crucial because user can’t stand waiting for visualizing all the content of a website, and much less in smartphones. Client must be reassured and rely on you company, so indicate the telephone number and the address of the brick and mortar shop in order to make them accessible to users.

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      6. Interesting content. It is worthwhile writing text with high quality and understandable content, especially product must include a complete description. It is more important to use verbs than substantives and optimization for search engines must be taken into account.

      7. High quality images. The images of products guarantee high number of sales and, in no case, they must reflect an aspect that is much worse than the aspect in the real life. You must include photos from different perspectives and that can be zoomed in.

      8. Add social networks buttons.This way, your followers are encouraged to share your post by increasing the opportunities of being visualized by other people and obtaining more “likes”. These buttons can be included in your website, your blog, newsletters, etc.

      9. Implement commercial actions. Opting for offering coupons to users will increase the level of your sales, since they will take profit from the discount. It is also a good idea to inform users periodically by sending them newsletters.

      10. Questions and answers campaign. Generating participation in the social networks is critical to keep your customers loyal and attract new ones, to maintain your communities in good conditions.

      11. Add a live chat. Sometimes, people decide not to buy the product when they add it to the shopping car because the doubt about the shipment, availability of the product and prices. If there is a person who is billing to help at any time, client will feel your company is interested in their needs.

      12. Show the shipment cost. It must be visible during all the purchase process. This reassures the consumer because they know the total cost of the purchase before getting the product.

      13. Offer different payment methods. There are clients who don’t want to pay with credit card, so offering paying through Paypal will solve this problem. You must take into account that there are people who prefer to pay by cash on delivery.

      14. Have a clear refund Policy. Some consumers will not buy anything unless they know if products can be returned or not.

      As you have seen, there are a lot of aspects you must take into account if you want your Ecommerce to be succesful and increase the level of your sales. Devote your entire time to create a very good website in which your product will be shown. If you follow these tips, success is guaranteed!


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