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Main Companies at the MWC13 that Offer Cloud Computing Services (2)


      Following our last few articles about new launches and presentations at the Mobile World Congress 2013, here is the second part of our articles related to cloud computing technologies. Onbile was at the MWC interviewing some of the key players in this field, and here is what they told us (read the first part of the article here).


      SK-TelecomOne of the people we joined to talk about cloud computing and new technologies for this year 2013 was Michael Chong, Manager of New Media Business Unit at SK Telecom. The Korean telecommunications company was at the MWC presenting their cloud TV platform for Apple and cable players. Here is what Mr Chong told us:

      What is SK.COM’s new proposal for this year?
      Investment in installation and infratructure is key. They are using our solution with their service, they don’t need to invest in new installations to get new games and other interactive apps. As you may know, our solution allows for any kind of cloud installation with our server, so even if you have a 5 or 10 years’ old installation, you can use Apple TV or Google TV.

      What do you think about the new features for bundled internet services for SMEs, clients or big telecom companies, to offer them for example our responsive web design editor to allow them to create their services + internet + hosting services?
      Our services are in fact not so focused on SMEs but on the part of the consumer, and the greatest problem right now for cable services is that there are different OS for every device. We want to help them create the biggest independent OS ecosystem. The greatest problem of content creators –web designers, game designers for apps…– is that they have trouble adapting their content to different OS, but using our cloud-based solution, this problem can be fixed and their content can be adapted to all kinds of devices: smart TV, smartphones, tablets… This way it is easier to grow in a big ecosystem.

      Which new assets or launches do you think will be the major players for this year in the mobile environment? For example, NFC or LTE?
      In this sector of smart TV and telecommunications, I think it was the ability to unify content without depending on the OS, because different OS didn’t want to share their market share. One of the future improvements will be cloud platforms for TV.

      Deutsche Telekom

      deutsche-telekomWe also spoke to Christian Brooks, responsible for Business Marketing Innovations at Deutsche Telekom, who told us about what DT has in store for the starting year.

      T-Mobile’s parent company is developing a business marketplace to offer cloud-based solutions for both professionals and companies who want to benefit from different services. They have these services classified depending on whether they are apps for CRM, datacenter services, email marketing apps, etc.

      To Onbile’s question about the situation of responsive web design, Mr Brooks said that it seems like a very interesting added value to offer their clients within that marketplace as an added category.

      Telecom Italia

      And last but not least, we spoke with Telecom Italia’s Business Analist Andrea Bellini, from the Innovation and Industralization Corporative Area.

      What kind of services is Telecom Italia offering right now?
      We have a division that takes care of providing services to companies under the name ‘Impresa Semplice’, and let’s say that this kind of products and services are offered for mobile and fixed telecommunications, cloud services and infrastructure.

      What do you think of adapting websites to mobile devices and, in general, of the responsive web design model that adapts one website to all kinds of devices? Do you have a tool for this? Do you think it could be interesting to add one to this kind of service packages for professional clients?
      I think it could be a good opportunity, because in fact for companies it is better to have one single platform for all devices, so that they can unify them and not work with them independently, like now. The growing use of mobile devices for our work is giving rise to a model of tele-work that allows us to do our job from home, from a bus, a plane, etc. So cloud-based services are beneficial for all those companies, and helps them improve their productivity and performance.

      Usually telecommunications companies offer hosting + internet connection, but they don’t offer a tool to create your website. You have to contact another company and then look for a hosting company –in this case, Telecom Italia. Don’t you think this is an interesting proposal to complete this kind of services offer?
      Yes, you’re probably right. Also, it is much more easy for a company to have one single interface, and anyone in the business world will tell you the same thing.

      There’s being much talk in the Congress about new NFC technologies for mobile payments, Long-term evolution (4G) and M2M, mobility applied to healthcare… What do you think will be the most important new launches for this year in Italy?
      This kind of mobility applications in the city are being favoured in Italy, although we’re still waiting for regulations on this. So far, mobile phone payments weren’t allowed by Italian laws, and mobile operators don’t seem terribly interested in this for different reasons. Right now Florence is experimenting with bus tickets –allowing to pay for them with mobile phones– with the collaboration of Telecom Italia, but that’s all that’s being done for the moment. This new legislation seems to be going to allow micro-payments with the ‘credito-residuo’ model, which could give access to a use regularized of NFC.

      Could you make an assessment of the Mobile World Congress and your participation in it this year? Have you reached your expectations?
      Participation has been very good. We presented a prototype for the app of the Universal Exposition of Milan 2015, which has probably been the most important contribution from Telecom Italia to this year’s MWC. The experience has been very good in general, and this year’s Operators Village resulted in a great meeting point for operators and new companies appearing in this market. It was also a great opportunity for small companies to explore new business opportunities, become known and see what are the market’s trends –and for big operators too.

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