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Make the most of your profile on Twitter: username


      Apart from your tweets, your profile is the introduction to the rest of Twitter´s world and in many cases could condition people to follow or unfollow you.

      Looking for a correct username on Twitter

      • Your users name can be the name of your company, personal brand or keywords from your activity. Should be short and easy to remember.
      • Exist tools as Tweexchange that will help you to find out and choose the best one. Writte the name on the searcher and automatically will appear every variable free or not.
      • tweexchange

      • Using the underscore ( @onbile_templates, @sarah_cooper).
      • Writting the full name together ( @onbiletemplates, @sarahcooper).
      • Your professional activity or brand can form part of your user name, people will identify you better and will give prominence to your personal or professional skills.( @sarahonbile, @sarah_seo).
      • To be informed by email about a free user name you can use TwitterCounter tool.
      • “Create personal brand” around your account and your blog, so unify both like @OnbileBlog
      • Use capital letters: @OnbileTemplates

      Things your never do on your Twitter account

    • Don´t impersonate an identity (for example celebrities), you cannot buy, offer or sell usernames, don´t use registered brands or offensive names, is forbidden on Twitter.
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