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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

mobile best practices

      More than 700 million users use their mobile devices to surf the web consistently. Maybe you have an adapted mobile website, but is your content mobile-friendly? If the answer is no, you are probably losing an important number of potential clients. We are talking about usability, one of main ingredients on the recipe for an effective mobile website.

      You cannot pack up a mobile website with the same elements you would put on a traditional one, just smaller, hoping that they would work the same way. Try to have your users in mind when creating your website. What are the most probable mobile devices they would use? What are they most likely to search on your mobile website? Whats the most probable context in which they would access it? The answers to these questions will give you important clues on how to create your mobile website.

      mobile users research

      Basic sections of a mobile website

      Home page / Menu
      Make each section title clear so people would understand rapidly what you are talking about, mobile users are easily discouraged when they can’t find the information they are looking for.
      It should be easily accessible from every page of your website.

      Presentation / About
      Keep it short and try to give only relevant information, cut the clutter off, people won’t spend much time reading on a mobile phones.

      Product / Service page
      An image next to a brief description of your product or service is enough. Try to keep texts concise and to the point, people using mobile devices are often on-the-go. Therefore they don’t have much time to spend reading, besides reading on a small screen is not very confortable.

      Contact page
      The contact page is probably the most important section of any mobile website. It should be easy to find and when it is possible contain a map (google maps, tomtom…) and a CTC button, so your potential clients could contact you easily.

      Mobile design tips and good practices

      mobile best practices

      Make the navigation as simple as possible.

      A slow connection speed could be frustrating to users. Try not to overload your website with images, they make the website heavier and slow the loading times.

      Choose a friendly URL for your dedicated mobile website.

      • Create a sub-folder in root of your site:
      • Create a separate domain:
      • Use a standarized mobile domain: or

      mobi domain

      Use mobile specific keywords you want to position (some sites build with mobile templates like the ones Onbile offers are SEO optimized and make this automaticly).

      Be cautious when using jQuery scrips, not every device has the advanced technology required to support them. When you can, stick to (X)HTML and CSS.

      Always test your code. There are validation tools and mobile emulators available online:

      One last tip: When in doubt, remember that simplicity is always the best way to go.

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