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Mobile advertising in Russia

      The Russian Mobile Market is growing extraordinary fast, spite of being one of the most recent markets is the largest mobile market in Europe, with more than 241M subscriptions in 2014 According to, one of the most important mobile marketing players, mobile advertising spending in Russia will reach 2016 about $157,5M.

      But in terms of expenses, in 2015 the expenditure on mobile advertising in Russia will be almost $100M more than in 2014. By 2016, almost $225M will be spent and by 2017, over $275M will be spent.


      In 2014, Mobio and IAB Russia published the Mobile Advertising Map, which explained what the members of the mobile advertising market in Russia are, and its impact in society. This map included CPI networks and app stores, mobile ads networks and mobile advertising agencies, among others.

      Source: Digital Least Factor

      Advertising in Russian social networks

      The number of Russian social network users is growing with incredible speed, becoming in the world’s sixth-biggest country by Internet audience. Advertisement on social networks is a new and very interesting marketing tool in that country; due to its efficacy we can know the products and services and call the attention to several promotions or news to a large number of users.

      Advertisement in the main Russian social networks allows to attract the attention of a bigger group of users, not only due to the brand, product or company, but to the web, news and promotions, too. In addition, the recognition of the brand and client’s loyalty to the company will increase.

      The most important social networks in Russia are:

      • VKontacte: it’s the biggest social network in Russia with over 75 million users. This social network offers an easy system of advertisement diffusion creation.
      • Odnoklassniki: it has more than 45 million users.
      • it has more than 50 million users.
      • Facebook: it has more than 7 million users.
      • LiveJournal: it has more than 500 000 Russian blogs which are updated regularly.

      In addition, Twitter has started to sell publicity in Russia, too, in order to add incomes from outside the United Stated, ignoring the regulatory obstacles, the difficult economic conditions of this country and the laws signed by Vladimir Putin, which hardened the control of bloggers of obligated foreign companies to collect local users’ data. According to the vice-president of the company, Twitter is selling notices through the reseller Httpool, the advertiser associated of the company for Oriental Europe.

      Finally, Yandex is the main search engine, gaining land to Google: almost 28M of people use this tool to look for what they want. So for the promoters of Yandex, it represents an efficiency tool to promote business on the Internet.

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