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Mobile Apps for Customer Management

Mobile Apps for Customer Management

      The prodigious growth (500%) of mobile applications for customer management was predicted by Gartner in a recent study. Gartner highlights that extending their customer services to the mobile market platforms is an increasing trend in many organizations. Nevertheless, Gartner’s investigation director indicates that not all good CRM applications are good for mobile phones.

      In order to develop a mobile app strategy, the ones responsible for Information Technology in a company have to take into account 4 aspects:

      • What clients want and what the company wants
      • What company’s staff needs and what abilities are necessary for managing external partners
      • Who is responsible for the CRM strategy and who manages it
      • What are the risks that could affect the CRM strategy

      CRM app developers will be compelled to decide what kind of mobile CRM they will support. They will also have to evaluate its features and be open to change them if needed. This evolution towards the world of applications will create a competitive advantage for some CRM providers, although we should remember that they’ll need to decide if they offer these apps for free or not.

      Customer management apps for iPhone

      Sugar Mobile

      Sugar mobile CRM appSugar Mobile is an extension of Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise. This mobile app enables customers to interact with data while logging calls on the phone through this app. You can click on an address to bring up Google map location. Changes to system data are updated in real-time. (Free)

      Oracle Mobile Sales Forecast

      oracle-mobile-sales-forecast CRM appOracle Mobile Sales Forecast provides users with real-time access to Oracle CRM On Demand applications. It’s an easy-to-use application that provides real-time visibility into an individual or organization’s opportunity pipeline. It offers an intuitive user interface designed specifically for the mobile business user to view key opportunities in an engaging display. (Free)

      CWR Mobile CRM

      CWR Mobile CRM appCWR Mobile CRM is one of the best mobility solutions. It makes field sales, service and marketing professionals more efficient and effective. It puts your teams closer to customers and keeps them there. It integrates an enterprise-class mobile CRM infrastructure into your on-premise Dynamics CRM installation. (Free)

      Salesforce Mobile

      salesforce-mobile CRM appWith Salesforce Mobile you can get all your Salesforce data on the go. You can access all account information, track account activity and recent sales. You can also log calls and meeting data right after they take place and respond immediately to new leads or customer requests. (Free)

      Customer management apps for Android


      Zendesk CRM appZendesk is one of the leading cloud-based customer service software solutions. Companies such as Zappos, Groupon, and Box are using Zendesk to lower costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Loved by both service teams and their customers for its very simple and pleasant interface, Zendesk is easy to implement and use. (Free)

      SAP Business ByDesign

      sap business bydesign CRM appWith SAP Business ByDesign you can access the on-demand solution for small businesses and midsize companies via an intuitive user interface specifically designed for business on the go. This app allows sales colleagues and managers to handle accounts, contacts, and activities right from their Android smartphones. (Free)

      Resco Mobile CRM

      Resco Mobile CRM appResco Mobile CRM is a client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows accessing your data anywhere and anytime. It works online or offline and it doesn’t require any middleware or additional server – just install it on your device, connect directly to your Dynamics CRM and use it with your real data. You can access/create/modify all data. (Free)

      SAP Business One Mobility

      sap business one mobility CRM appSAP Business One Mobility allows you to manage SAP Business One Database easily on your Android mobiles and tablets. This app allows you to easily connect with customers and field executives with just a few clicks. This application can be customized for your organization. (Free)

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