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Mobile Commerce Trends

      There are 700,000 new smartphones every day, and although market penetration is incredible now, it is sure to be more amazing in 2013. We already keep our mobile phone with us during most of the day, from the moment we wake up and turn off its alarm clock until we use it to check our social media just before we go to bed… so what’s going to happen in 2013?

      Well, in the first place, figures already tell us that mobile internet browsing is very popular among smartphone owners with its 90% in France, 85% in Germany, 89% in Spain and 93% in the UK. On the other hand, 2 in 3 people choosing a mobile in the US go for a smartphone, meaning that these kinds of devices are expected to overtake desktop computers very soon.

      mobile internet

      If we bear in mind mobile growth data and buying frequency from these devices in 2012, the situation for 2013 is predicted to be very exciting when it comes to online commerce.

      In fact, nearly 15% of Facebook’s benefits during the third quarter of 2012 come from mobile publicity, resulting in $150,000,000. On the other hand, Pandora registered a 58% of mobile benefits in the second half of 2012. These figures are expected to increase year after year as the amount of smartphones and their use also increase.

      Finally, mobile sales will generate $1,200,000,000 around the world, a growth that companies must take advantage of, because mobile marketing offers unique strategy, segmentation, multi-platform and geolocalisation strategies.


      Another revealing figure shows that 93% of the people interviewed acknowledged to have used their mobiles for buying more than the previous year. Also, just over 55% used a mobile coupon to make a purchase at least once, so although nobody is denying the usefulness of desktop computers, mobile optimized content should also be offered, and specific actions for mobile devices should be designed.

      Finally, we should bear in mind that women are an important market niche, so that you can center your sales strategy. Today they are the group with the largest social media presence, as well as the most active group. In fact 70% of mothers looked for their Christmas presents from their mobiles while 1 out of three of them used 11 hours to find their presents for their family on the internet, That’s why it’s important for companies to get close to them and offer them interesting proposals.

      Check out this infographic by Cisco to learn more about mobile commerce trends:

      Catch_and_keep the digital shopper_final

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