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Mobile friendly website advantages

      Have you ever asked yourself seriously why is so important to have a mobile website? Here are some reasons, which you should carefully read, particularly if you run a business.

      Advantages of having a mobile website

      • Improved mobile user experience: mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices, which means that they fit perfectly to the screen size and allow users to surf all around the website easy and comfortably. This surf experience makes customers have a positive impression and being satisfied with the website’s owner.
      • Faster download speed: mobile websites, because of their specific design have an unbeatable download speed, which means more browsing and less waiting, and this helps also to have better mobile user experience.
      • Having a mobile website allows companies to add specific features which fits better with customer’s needs. For example a click to go option: if you are looking for a restaurant and you don’t know how to get there, you can look into your mobile for the specific restaurant, go into its website and you have a click to go call option to book, or possibly a map and directions, which will make it easier for you to find the restaurant and prevent you from going to a different place.
      • Visibility is important for businesses, that is one of the main reasons why they have web presence, so if you want to appear in mobile search tools like Google, you must have a mobile optimized website, if not, you will be invisible to potential customers.


      Mobile website vs. native apps

      You may ask yourself which strategy you should follow if you want to go mobile: develop an app or go for a mobile website. In case you can’t have both, experts agree on the answer: it depends of the kind of business you are running, for example for shopping, surfing the web or entertainment, it is better to have a mobile optimize website.

      Why is also better to have a mobile website instead of a native app?

      • It is flexible and cost effective: mobile websites are available in all devices with just one version, while you should develop and app for iPhone and another one for Android, and sometimes you have also to distinguish between mobile and tablet.
      • It is also easy to find a brand surfing the Internet, while you have to know a business or a brand to download its app, if users are spending its time online searching for something but don’t care about the brand, it is easier for them to find you and your website.


      Mobile website for your business

      If I’m a business why it’s important for me to have a mobile version? Here are a few reasons, but you will easy find some more:

      • More and more customers are using mobile devices each day, so having a mobile optimized website helps decision making.  Around 80% of people change from one website to another if it is not mobile. What does it mean? Easy, if you don’t have a mobile website your customers will replace you with your competitors.
      • A mobile website allows you to make mobile marketing: to reach target audience, who is increasing because of new trends and habits, you can promote your products or increase traffic by using this marketing tool.
      • It’s also important to improve your relationship with customers: most of local businesses don’t have a mobile website and customers want companies to be available anywhere and anytime.

      As I have said at the beginning, there are more reasons for having mobile websites, and if you are still not sure about it, I recommend you to try Onbile and discover them yourself.

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