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Mobile Keyboards

      The keyboards used by mobiles have changed since the first mobile devices appeared. This shouldn’t surprise us in times when we’re advancing at such huge speed. But what kinds of keyboards are there? And which ones are best?
      Well, in my opinion it depends on what you’re used to and each person’s choice is as valid as anyone else’s.
      In case you haven’t made up your mind yet this post will try to help you.

      Types of Mobile Keyboards

        There are basically three types of mobile keyboards.

      • Tactile keypads:

        These are probably the most common type of mobile keyboards although they are associated to old phones.
        They usually consist of four rows of three buttons each, with the first three rows each having one number assigned to each button and the middle button of the last row being assigned to “zero”. The buttons on the left and right of the zero button are the asterisk key and the number sign or pound key.
        The first button is usually used as a voice mail shortcut button, and the rest of the buttons have three letters assigned to them to be able to write text messages rapidly.

      • Qwerty keypads:

        Some types of phones are better according to your habits. So if you essentially use your phone to write text messages or emails or for Internet browsing you might prefer Qwerty keypads. They consist in a QWERTY keyboard (just like a computer one but much smaller) which is absolutely perfect for typing. Although Samsung has recently launched a smartphone with this type of keyboard, RIM‘s Blackberry is really the largest manufacturer of mobile devices with QWERTY keypads.

      • Touch Screen Keypads:

        A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that detects touch on any part of the display. Mobiles with touchscreens let you choose between QWERTY or the regular keypads They are considered the keypads of the future and nowadays most new smartphones come with this kind of device.

      We might be seeing a fourth type of keyboard for mobile devices in the future, the projected keyboard, which might even come out with the iPhone5(according to some people). For more information read our post about projected keyboards for iPhone here, and for more information about projected keyboards click here.

      So now it’s really up to you. In my opinion Touch Screen Keypads are just cooler but some people prefer to “feel” they’ve pressed a key and finally there’re those who just want a phone to call and receive calls or just don’t mind using the tactile keypads to send text messages.
      As I explained before, it’s your choice and nobody can make it for you.

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