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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

      Mobile Marketing is an important aspect of your small business marketing, especially if you want to be up to date with the way the world’s evolving. Although most marketing campaigns take mobiles into account, they don’t consider its strategy or its compatibility with the goals of the campaign. Instead they usually just focus on technical aspects and techniques (for example bar codes or SMS campaigns). But in a world where more than 99% of some countries’ employer firms (like for example those in the US) are small businesses, being left behind literally means dying. The thing is that in the United States today more businesses close down than open, and that’s a fact, so being on the right track is certainly the only right path to follow.

      mob strat

      But what’s the best mobile marketing strategy to follow?

      In first place your business has to comprehend how the message will be consumed. People have different capabilities, time and attention spam depending on whether they’re at home or at work, and how the customer or consumer to be consumes the message creates a different brand experience. This means that a consumer will feel differently about your brand if he or she finds a bar code in a magazine or in a placard in a store, so you should exploit this difference of context to your business’ benefit.

      Bear in mind that if you’re trying to get people to visit your website then it should be mobile-optimized, and also bear in mind that it’s much better to have a website that’s optimized for mobile than just a business’ app because consumers don’t use all of their apps due to mobile application fatigue.

      Also remeber that mobile marketing efforts should have defined analytics built into them, and an important part of your business’ campaign has to be defining what data your able to collect and what can be learnt from it (a certain ad’s number of views or number of impressions is practically useless if considered on its own). Other aspects to bear in mind are age and gender of those viewing your ads as well as where they came accross it (for example which magazine they scanned the QR code from) and at what time. All of this is obviously enough information for you to consider in order to reach your potential consumers because it allows for you to offer customizable services and nothing’s better than that for any kind of business (big or small).

      Another thing you can do is to give your customers in-store oportunities, meaning that you give them incentives to return to your store by sending them coupons (to be received via app or SMS once they’ve entered the store and checked in) for them to take advantage of. This is explained further in our post called Make Small Businesses Grow with Mobile Coupons. Click here to read about it.

      Finally, remember that mobile marketing isn’t mobile advertising, but much more, it’s engaging in a relationship with your consumer. It’s learning to know him or her better and on the whole it’s the best way to boost your business.

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